australian footy league

yes. it is here, and afl quiz. and yer, it may not be as possible as you think but yer. if you cannot acheive this, dont give it to somebody younger than you or else they might get it all done easily. these are fair easy questions about the australian football league.

this is the most easiest australian football league questions. you can make harder questions than this because this is not hard at all. if you find this hard. just simply research afl. or cheat by using google while playing, but you dont have to because this test is sooo easy.

Created by: Matthew Procenko
  1. Who won The 2000 Grand final
  2. Who won the norm smith medal in 2005
  3. Who won the most wooden spoons in the 90's
  4. Who has won the most VFL/AFL wooden spoons
  5. Who has won the most VFL/AFL Premierships
  6. Who won the 2005 Brownlow
  7. What year was the name VFL changed to AFL
  8. Who won the coleman medal in 2007
  9. Who won the 2001 Wooden Spoon
  10. Who won the premiership in 2004

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