Australian Wine Knowledge

Genius is a word that is over-used, but in this quiz you can shock yourself at exactly how much you do know. You can prove to yourself that you have the genius quality about a quality product - Australian wine.

Are you an "Australian Wine" genius? With just a few minutes of your time you will soon know how much (or little) you can recall about this fabulous product. Give it a go! Nothing tricky or too difficult - I promise!

Created by: PETER
  1. Champagne is produced in Australia.
  2. Bannockburn Winery is in the Coonawarra.
  3. In the past, in the Hunter Valley, Hermitage and Shiraz used refer to the same grape.
  4. Tyrrell's Winery in the Hunter Valley was a pioneer in the production of Chardonnay.
  5. Penfold's Grange is always 100% Cabernet.
  6. The Hunter Valley is a wine region in NSW.
  7. Rhine Riesling is the more correct term for Riesling.
  8. Moorilla Estate is a large winery in South Australia.
  9. The Barossa Valley is well known for its production of Sauternes.
  10. Doug Bowen is one of the top wine makers on the Bellarine Peninsula.
  11. The Jimmy Watson Trophy is awarded annually to the best red wine in Australia.
  12. Red grapes can produce a white wine.

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