How well do you know Aussie slang

Discover your inner Aussie, and revel in the richness that is Australian slang. Forget ghetto-speak, yank talk or pigeon English...this is the full bong tong on Aussie lingo

If you think you want to become Australian after passing this test please email the Australian government at and don't forget to include a $50 payment

Created by: Ozarrian

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  1. What is a drongo?
  2. "No flies on you" means...
  3. "Cracking a fat" is...
  4. Complete this sentence about a man urinating: "Point percy at the..."
  5. Australian soldiers are usually called...
  6. What is a "tinnie"?
  7. What is a two-pot screamer?
  8. When you want to seduce a woman, what type of drink to you buy her
  9. "Rod walloping" means...
  10. Which of these words is not a slang term for a toilet

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Aussie slang