How Aussie are you?

Are you a true blue, dinki di aussi ? Have an aussie friend who you speak to regularly and think you know what they are saying? Then this quiz if for you!

Find out how much you really know about Australian slang. Perhaps you will even find out that the things your aussie friends are saying to you, might be completely different from what you originally thought...

Created by: Aussiewife
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  1. You are about to enter the bathroom, what would the sign say?
  2. You commonly call your friends:
  3. You and some friends decide to go out and have some fun, you would most likely go:
  4. You and your friend decide not to go to school/work today. You would be:
  5. You order a Big Mac, Where are you?
  6. You just got really angry so you tell your friend to:
  7. You just watched an excellent concert: You say the show was...
  8. You and your friends are just having some laughs and harmless fun. You would say you are:
  9. You complain and your friends call you a:
  10. You're boss/teacher asks you to do something you reply:
  11. Your friend is acting so stupid and really annoying you. You call him/her a:
  12. You eat this on your chips
  13. You call your kids:
  14. At night when you go to bed you cover up with a:
  15. You're off to see the big game, you pack your drinks in:
  16. You would buy your baby the following items
  17. You want to show your gratitude you would say:

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Quiz topic: How Aussie am I?