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  • everyone in the comments got r/wooshed

    bluefires Oct 6 '18, 9:57PM
  • Ayya yeyy coco jumbo ayya yeyy

    jemah jempot Apr 23 '18, 12:44AM
  • *Breathes in then out* It says I will soon learn to cook shrimp on the barbie.... SHRIMP!?!?! Its PRAWNS!!!! AGHHHHHHHH WHAT THE FRICK >:( (Sorry that just gets me a little upset!)

    XxXRobeXxX Apr 20 '18, 5:28AM
  • 2%... definitely not surprised. I'm Australian, but I'm completely americanized lmao

    KawaiiDesoo Jun 11 '16, 12:47PM
  • Whoever made this quiz is not Australian I mean like cmon. I was born and raised and I'm a pure Australian. I got 20%. Who says these things anyway

    Oioioi Oct 21 '15, 11:50PM
  • 29%.... I'm Australian. What the bloody hell

    Oioioi Oct 21 '15, 11:48PM
  • 20%... I'm Australian.

    Hyunwoo Nov 22 '14, 8:57PM
  • Oh yea and I'm more Asian then Aussie xD and I have no Asian genes I've been Aussie since first fleet

    GeorgiaMeow Jul 11 '14, 11:31PM
  • I'm Aussie and xD I'm only 52% maybe beacause I say none of this s---
    XD but sopose a do say half

    GeorgiaMeow Jul 11 '14, 11:28PM
  • Hi I just realised the answer you were seeking for chips was "a dead horse" ie "tomato sauce", feel so silly now thinking you meant vegemite!! OOps!!:-z

    nesschat Oct 21 '13, 7:21PM
  • Good quiz except I would never eat vegemite on my chips and I'm a fair dinkum Aussie Born and Bred here! So someone must have been having a go at someone and now they think its fact! LOL I got 87% I knew if wasn't "cods wallop" - because that means "a bunch of rubbish" and the other answers were over the top! You only scrape vegemite on your toast for brekky - and you use it sparingly as its very strong! Aussies are known to give big spoonfulls to overseas visitors as a joke! So of course they don't like it! But never on chips!! Tomato sauce and salt for chips thanks!:-)

    nesschat Oct 21 '13, 6:53PM
  • No offence to who in the world created this quiz, but your obviously not an aussie! Seriosly, and the rest of ya can back me up here, who says stuff like that and who eats vegemite on their chips!? :p

    Pudding03 Aug 14 '13, 6:57AM
  • 37% I was born is Australia and still live here

    ________15 Apr 29 '13, 10:22AM
  • I have lived in Australia nearly for nearly all of my life and I have never heard any of those phrases used.

    Fey Jan 22 '13, 4:15AM
  • Doesn't surprise me, i was born here but my family is UK and Russian

    Kerzhakov Dec 17 '12, 4:46AM
  • 97% I am Born and bred in Australia! should of gotten 100%!!

    loveshorses99 Sep 24 '12, 3:48AM
  • Well, I've lived in Australia all my life and I got 38%
    %^&;*#^&am p;;%$

    Dibo13 Apr 23 '12, 6:19AM
  • I got 49 percent. I'm aussie! Some of the stuff is over the top though. I don'y know anyone who says such things. Fun quiz!
    Please try my new quiz "What is your body shape?!"

    ange Apr 17 '12, 2:46AM
  • Oh, look at the comment underneath, I was meant to also say I've only been in Australia but all the rest of my family is from the UK

    Gemi0203 Feb 19 '12, 4:30AM
  • I got 10% aussie, yea I know that's true!! I will never be a real Aussie

    Gemi0203 Feb 19 '12, 4:29AM
  • hahaha love this quiz i got 97%
    so true some of the stuff!!!

    Cassaqazqaz Jan 4 '12, 7:49PM
  • Yeah61% and I'm Aussie, some of the slang we don't even use. It's a bit over the top.

    Babe123 Apr 3 '11, 6:22PM

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