Australian Prime Ministers

Australia has a short history of just over 100 years as a federation following a few constitutional conventions in the late 19th century. This lead to our parliamentary system based on the Westminster model. That is a bicameral parliament and a Governor General Viceroy representing the monarch in Britain.

This quiz will test your knowledge of Australian Prime Ministers in our short lived federation. Some have been dull, some have been exciting, even verging on the mad and some have been forgettable. How well do you know these guys? Take the test and find out.

Created by: Gogo
  1. Who was elected Prime Minister on November 24 2007?
  2. How many Prime Ministers have there been in Australia?
  3. When did Australia become a federation made up of 6 states (the 6 former colonies)?
  4. Who became the first Prime Minister on federation?
  5. The main street of the Victorian town of Mildura is named after ________ who later became an early Prime Minister of Australia.
  6. Who was longest serving Prime Minister?
  7. He served
  8. Who was the Prime Minister who went swimming and disappeared?
  9. After his presumed drowning the Country Party leader __________ blackmailed the Liberal Party into dumping a leading preferred candidate for leader, and Treasurer, __________ in favour of anyone else in what was a bitter feud between the two.
  10. Who was elected Labor Prime Minister after 23 years of a Liberal/Country Party coalition government?
  11. Which Prime Minister was fired by the Governor General on Remembrance Day 1975?
  12. Which former Prime Minister was caught without his pants in Memphis, USA?
  13. The next few questions are memorable quotes from some of our Right Honourables. Who would you associate with phrases like "scum bag", and the "recession we had to have"?
  14. Who said "Well may we say God save the Queen, because nothing will save the Governor-General"?
  15. Which Australian Prime Minister said "I did but see her passing by and yet I love her 'till I die"?
  16. Which Prime Minister was overheard saying "silly old bugger" after speaking to a pensioner?
  17. Which Prime Minister said "All the way with LBJ"?
  18. Which Prim Minister managed a rock band called The Ramrods?
  19. Which 2 Prime Ministers are the only Prime Ministers to lose their own House of Representative seat in an election?
  20. In which city or town do you find an "Avenue of Prime Ministers" in a park reserve featuring busts of Australian Prime Ministers past and present?

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