The synergylyn-recommended Australian Citizenship Test

This Australian citizenship test is recommended by synergylyn to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. Try it and see if you qualify as and Australian citizen.

This you must pass the qualifying criteria before you can even think of taking this test. See synergylyn's blog for the fair dinkum qualifying criteria.

Created by: synergylyn of I reckon
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  1. Pauline Hanson is:
  2. How many times do you turn a steak on the barbie?
  3. The dingo ate whose baby?
  4. What is the Australian governmentâ??s stand on the Iraq War?
  5. To ditch your car and run away from a Booze Bus is to do a:
  6. Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe are true-blue Australians.
  7. England is an Ashes thief.
  8. Australiaâ??s Head of State lives in a different country that is more than 17 000 miles away.
  9. What is the national animal of Australia?
  10. When you meet someone, how would you greet them?

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