Rugby World Cup

How well do you know the Rugby World Cup? Not just the stars and the likely winners, but all of the participants and the qualification rounds as well. We'll go over previous matchups, players changing teams, venues, and all participating nations

Good luck. Let's see what you've got. If you get more than half of the questions right, then you're actually doing pretty well. If you get all of them need to get a girlfriend.

Created by: Vegemighty

  1. Which country has never participated in the Rugby World Cup qualifying tournament?
  2. Which is the only country to be undefeated in pool play?
  3. Including qualification rounds, how many teams participated in RWC 2007
  4. Who won the first qualifying match for RWC 2007
  5. Which was the first country to participate in a RWC finals and then fail to qualify for a subsequent RWC?
  6. Which was the first match to be drawn in RWC history?
  7. Where was the first Rugby World Cup match played?
  8. In how many stadiums have Rugby World Cup matches been played?
  9. Which teams in the 1991 World Cup included future Springboks?
  10. Which country played the most matches to qualify for RWC 2007 (18).
  11. On the other hand, several nations played only two qualifying matches. Which team had to play more?
  12. Which countries have never met at the Rugby World Cup?
  13. Prior to 2007, which five countries have the highest scoring averages in all RWC matches?
  14. Which team had the highest scoring average in a single RWC (excluding 2007)?
  15. Which team has the lowest scoring average in a single RWC (excluding 2007)?

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