What sport are you?

There are very few people left on this planet and to be chosen to be something is some great achievement. You are luckier than you think! But being a sport doesn't mean you are as cool as me! goo gar wheres the bar take me in a jar la la la!

Do you have the brain power to be normal? insane? or just you? will your sport be netball? rugby? tennis? or AFL This test will confirm your worst fear or your best dream!

Created by: kherry

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You and your mates are going to the movies and you decided to watch:
  2. You and your mates have decided what movie to watch but you are deciding what to buy from the candy bar.
  3. You have a game on tomorrow (sports game) and you are invited to a party which finishes at midnight, you:
  4. Your family decide to go out for dinner and they let you decided where to go to you choose:
  5. Your mates are having a slumber party and you have to wear nail polish you decide to wear:
  6. Your mum gives you $300 to spend at any store you go to:
  7. For your birthday party you decide to:
  8. You have asked a girl/boy out and they have accepted, you take them to:
  9. You have a ticket to watch a live concert by:
  10. Your mum says you can choose your birthday present you choose:

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Quiz topic: What sport am I?