We've all wanted to be unquestioned ruler of the world sometime, right? Of course, unless you're a ptitiful, unscrupulous idiot. (In which case, go away please). Many of us have wondered if you have what it takes, and to you I say: if you're gonna rule the world you should know that stuff!!

Well you get the idea, I (Magnanimousjoe) was bored, so I made this quiz to see how good various people are at ruling the world. Is anyone still reading this? Don't!!

Created by: Magnanimousjoe
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  1. Pick a power for the world.
  2. Pick the most important law in your new world order.
  3. Pick a penalty for killing random people.
  4. Pick a national whipped topping.
  5. Pick the most flattering thing you could be called.
  6. How will you rule?
  7. Pick a badass sounding title.
  8. Pick a national hero. Don't pick Hitler.
  9. Pick a psychotic-sounding law that will serve mainly to show your authority. Muahahah.
  10. The government will grant tax cuts to this deserving group:
  11. You will invest money into which scientific field?

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Quiz topic: Can I RULE THE WORLD?