Hamlet Act One. Quiz

I am just making this quiz partly to help myself learn Hamlet, and partly to help anyone else who might take this quiz. Why do I have to write 1 hundred and fifty characters in this paragraph?

This is quite annoying, having to write two paragraphs for the beginning i mean. I don't see why they can't be optional. (That's why I'm writing a load of rubbish because I don't have anything to say!)

Created by: R.O.
  1. Which characters open the Act?
  2. "Thou art a ___, speak to it ___."
  3. Horatio has a theory of the reason for the appearance of the Ghost. What is it?
  4. "It harrows me with ___ and ___."
  5. "And then it started like a ___ thing upon a ___ summons."
  6. When the characters enter the stage, at the beginning of Scene Two, what position does Hamlet come in?
  7. Why does Claudius thank his courtiers?
  8. "With ___ in funeral and with ___ in marriage, in equal scale weighing ___ and ___"
  9. Who are Cornelius and Valtemand?
  10. Claudius asks "What wouldst thou have, Laertes?" What does Laertes want?
  11. "The ___ is not more native to the ___, the ___ more instrumental to the ___, than is the throne of Denmark to thy father."
  12. Where does the Queen ask Hamlet not to go?
  13. Where has Horatio come from?
  14. What is the relationship between Laertes and Ophelia?
  15. "Do not as some ___ pastors do, Show me the ___ and ___ way to heaven"
  16. Why does Laertes doubt Hamlet's affections for Ophelia?
  17. What does Polonius command Ophelia at the end of Scene Three?
  18. "Be thou a ___ of heaven or ___ damned"
  19. What do Hamlet's friends do when the Ghost beckons him away?
  20. "The time is out of ___. O cursed ___, That ever I was ___ to set it right
  21. Who does Hamlet tell that he will put "an antic disposition on", and why?

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