~Football,Yo-yos and Love~ [game] episode 1.3 path 1

In this quiz, it will kinda be a little like sim date. You will be guiding your charactor, Ryan, to make choices for him in the quiz for your result of the story. It's not like The flirting game where there are continues and stuff.

THIS PART COMES AFTER EPISODE 3 DEPENDING ON YOUR CHOICE. DON'T TAKE THIS, IF YOU DID NO TAKE EPISODE 1-1.3. You choose how the story goes and your choices will lead you to the end of the story. Please stay tuned. I promise that the story will get more interesting as it goes on.

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  1. I slowly walk over to the little midget and sit down. I stared at the girl. She seemed so lifeless and so still. "Hi, I'm Josh" I jumped at the voice. The little midget was talking to me! I stared him up and down. For some reason the way he looks really annoys me. Head shaped like a chili bowl. Round thick glasses. I don't have anything against people who wear glasses, but this guy had the dorkiest glasses rimmed in bright orange. The glass magnified his eyes to twice its actual size.
  2. And his clothes! Orange skinny jeans, purple plaid shirt, and a 12 foot belt to wrap around him four times. "What's your name?" he asks cheerfully. I wanted to stuff a sock in his mouth. "Uh, Ryan" I answered trying to give him the signal, Leave Me Alone. His cell phone signal was NOT connected. He didn't get the signal. I looked away. "Cool! Nice to meet you!" he chirps again.
  3. I tried to ignore and keep myself from introducing my fist to him. My eyes wander to the girl. Her hair was long and seemed to flow like a water fall. Glossy black with a golden brown glint.
  4. "Hey, what are you looking at Ryan?" the little twerp looks over my shoulder. "Do you like her?" he asks. It sounded so bad to hear him say my name. "NO, I don't like her, and I lied, my name is not Ryan" I said. "Really? What is it then?" "Uh, Bert" I answered. "COOL! Can I call you Bertie then?" he asks. "SERIOUSLY KID, ARE YOU EVEN A SIXTH GRADER??" I hollered. "Nope, I'm in seventh" he replies with a grin. "And I can do magic tricks" I groan. Seriously? Seventh grade? Him?
  5. I slump in my seat listening to Josh blabber on about last year magic trick show. I nod, uh huh. I kept staring at her. Somethin about her kept me lookin. And then she turned around. I nearly flew to the roof of the bus. Her soft eyes were lined with silvery lashes. Her eyes were sweet brown, her face flawless and peachy white.
  6. And then she turns back to the window. She seemed shy. She didn't seem to see me though. I breath deeply and look elsewhere. "...money turn into paper... and I can do mean yo-yo tricks too!" I snap back to earth when he said yo-yos. "No, you can't!!" I snap at him, my face an inch from him. How could Wal Mart let a dork like this touch a precious yo-yo?! "But I can" he insists. "Then show me"
  7. I demanded. "But I don't have it here" he says. "After school then" I said. I regretted saying that instantly. "Really? DOUBLE COOL!" he squealed. The school sign was coming into view.
  8. When I walked out, the twerp decides to tag along. I didn't want anybody to see me with this guy. I wonder if I should make a run for it? Should Ryan make a run for it?
  9. If you didn't make a run for it, you go to your locker with him following you up to your classroom, then he does leave. You find only one seat left in the class and so you sit down. Skip the next questions to submit answer after you read this.
  10. If you did make a run for it, here's how it goes: I told him, "Uh, Josh, you stay here for a bit, I'll be right back" I then take off opposite of where I was goin. I see Josh right behind me. Panicking, I run into the school doors 3 and dodge about 20 kids. And then the hallway, lockers and students began sliding down. My eyeballs were facing the ceiling light. My hip and back's hurting like I was rammed into the cement. I had slipped on a cheerleading banner on the newly waxed floor. At least I lost him.

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