Warrior Cats Love Story Sequel 6

***********WARNING!********** Question 13 is very . . . Um, goryish. You have been warned. But, it is also a vital part of the story, so choose: no nightmares and no idea what happened in the tunnels, or maybe nightmares while knowing what happened in the tunnels.

*Recap* Two warrior ceremonies--yours and Sparrow's, now Sparrowflight--happened, and you leaned that Troutwing had become a warrior while you were unconscious. You gathered all the cats in the prophecy to Peachlight's den, but was interrupted by something . . . And that something is in here!

Created by: Pathbreeze

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  1. Warriors pelted through the trees into the camp. And not just any warriors. WoodClan cats. "WoodClan, attack!" screeched Heatherstar. "Stop!" yowled Peatstar. "This is crazy! After we went together against the foxes, now you attack us?" Heatherstar smiled. "You are foolish to believe that, Peatstar. We are two separate Clans." As you fought, you found yourself looking for a familiar pelt:
  2. You hear a shriek. *Hikepath!* The name flashes in your mind as you rush towards her. Braveflame stood over her with horror clear in his eyes and blood on his paws. He had definately not meant to do this.
  3. "Warriors, retreat!" Heatherstar called. Peatstar tipped his head to one side. "So soon, Heatherstar? Now you know not to mess with us." Braveflame looked shaken. "She's dead," he whispered. "It's my fault." You felt a jolt and looked at your former mentor. Hikepath was still alive! Her shallow breath was unheard, but a bit of her flank rose and fall. You took her scruff and dragged her to the medicine den as Braveflame followed his Clan back home.
  4. Peatstar started checking on the cats. ***Timeskip to the medicine den meeting***
  5. "So . . . You're saying I--we--were thrown into a random StarClan prophecy because of a fox that bit Honeydrop's leg?" Jaynight's meow made you jump, but you turned back to Hikepath without replying. "No," Peachlight said, exasperated. "I mean that love runs in the family--like, for example, Honeydrop's mother chose _______ (a/n: You know the drill!), and x_______x didn't like that--neither did Kinkeyes, in fact--she despised Honeypaw's mother because ________ didn't choose her. Snakeheart is a secret I promised to keep, but he was also a rejected lover, and so is Curltail, in fact--she likes you, Jaynight."
  6. Hikepath croaked out two words, and you jumped back. "Tell . . . Them . . ." she croaked to Peachlight and closed her eyes again, her breathing still raspy, but it was there.
  7. Peachlight blinked, and then sighed. "Snakeheart was . . . Jaynight, I think you should leave." Jaynight blinked. "I can handle whatever it is," he said. Peachlight nodded and said, "You know . . . you had an older brother, Eaglesight," he said. Jaynight looked shocked. "But--but Peatstar said I was from his first litter! How could I have an older brother?" Peachlight's eyes grew dark. "It was his. But not hers. Hikepath had loved Peatstar from the start, but she had an other lover--Snakeheart. When she rejected him, he became mad . . . He forced her to have his kits." At these words, all four cats--Troutwing, Jaynight, Glowpaw, and you--jumped back in horror.
  8. Jaynight's flanks were heaving, and the deputy did not look like a deputy.
  9. ***Timeskip to vigil: Curltail's point of view***
  10. I slunk along the edges of the camp, looking at clueless Honeydrop and Sparrowflight. I smirked. *Stupid she-cat. She can't even hear me.* I went out to the tunnels. Yes, there was a network of tunnels around StreamClan and WoodClan territory. After the legendary Dawnstar defeated the Dark Forest, they started doing tunnels to communicate with eachother and with Clan cats. By the time the also-legendary Pathbreeze had destroyed the Dark Forest forever, it was thought that these tunnels had collapsed. But no. Now there was a RevengeClan: A small, soon to be large group of cats who were rejected lovers; like me. *Stupid Honeydrop. Stupid Jaynight.*
  11. I found myself quickly in the tunnel. "Is everyone here?" I called, "Kinkeyes, x______x, Snakeheart?" "We are here," hissed a mavolent voice. *Snakeheart.* "It is time for us to join," said Snakeheart. He slashed himself, at his heart, and I felt horror shiver through me as some blood poured onto a rocky dent, but then I realized he was dead and couldn't be harmed. Next, Kinkeyes scored her claws across her eye and I felt even more horror go through me, and looked away. "Add some blood from your tail, Curltail," said Snakeheart. "Or if you're too scared, get a piece of fur. Yes, do the fur. It'll be best." Wincing, I tugged out a clump of my fur and dropped it. "What about x______x?" I asked. "Remember StarClan's warning," Snakeheart said, venom in his eyes at the word StarClan. The curled /tail/, kinked /eyes/, and snake /heart/. It doesn't say what x______x does, only that he's part of it. So he'll mix this--" Snakeheart nodded to the bloody fur-- "and we shall be join. Step back. A monster will be made. I scuttled away, as did everyone else. x______x mixed it and jumped away as a creature formed. It was /giant/. It had my tail, but bigger, Kinkeye's eyes, but bigger, and x_____x and Snakeheart's body, as if it was out together. I knew that in it, it had Snakeheart's heart (but bigger) as well. I smiled and slipped away, back to my Clan.

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