Warrior Cats Love Story Sequel: Which Tom?

Having trouble choosing a tom from my second series? Well . . . Take this quiz! It will give you the tom who's your soul mate in the end.

Please take this quiz before continuing onto part 4 (as I type, it is not out yet). There will no longer be a No tom result or answer choice.

Created by: Pathbreeze

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  1. Please the the opening paragraphs, it'll explain about everything.
  2. First off, what Tom do you like right now?
  3. To you want the tom to drop hints, make the first move, neither, or both?
  4. The next few questions I will do pelt descriptions and personality descriptions, say if you like it or it from a scale of 1-6: 1 no and 6 love.
  5. Black-blue pelt flecked with white: white whiskers, eartips, and right hind paw. Beautiful sea-blue eyes. Fur is soft and can be ruffled/messy. Taller than you.
  6. Brown-and-white tabby cat with cold amber eyes. Larger than you, dirty tangled fur that's almost never washed.
  7. Fuzzy yellow fur, with swirls and streaks of red and orange. Glaring green eyes. A tiny bit taller than you and definately stronger.
  8. Rough, soft gray pelt with speckles of brown and black. Deep, dark brown eyes. Taller than you, not too much though.
  9. A little secretive but mainly shy and mysterious; sweet and caring when he needs to be. Confident and has leadership skills.
  10. Quick and skillful; can be annoying and tries to be authoritative; usually fails in attempts. Somewhat smart: cunning.
  11. Mysterious; shows emotions but only in eyes; easy amused, teasing. Skillful, especially in the dark. Very ambitious. Nose for survival.
  12. Grumpy, can be funny and has a soft spot. Rarely shows emotions.
  13. Forbidden love or normal Clan love or none?
  14. Do you like ambitious toms?
  15. How about laid-back?
  16. Oh, and BTW: Honeypaw (your character) has green eyes, not amber, sorry!

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