Warrior Cats Love Story Sequel 3

Part three! In the medicine den, you lay unconscious-- Don't ask. Sorry this is mainly Jaynight, and I dont know what else to say so blah blah blah . . .

Are you ready to overcome this new hardship? Are you ready to have a tom fall for you? Do you want to go through the twists of a warrior's life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, take this quiz today!

Created by: Pathbreeze

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  1. "No! Sunstar!" Your cry froze in the night air like icicles hanging from a tree. The world seemed to freeze; every cat's slash of a claw and yowl of outrage at the foxes seemed to go by in slow motion. Feeling dizzy, you stumbled backwards--or was it forward, you weren't sure anymore. Slowly the cats turned towards you, then the Moon Boulder. Your legs felt heavy . . . They wouldn't hold your weight anymore . . . You felt them buckle underneath you, and the last thing you saw a was one of the foxes clamping his jaws on your hind leg, and the last thing you heard was a sickening SNAP! of bones as you sank into blackness.
  2. Honeypaw, Honeypaw, wake up . . . You looked up at the voice of a tomcat. You were walking in the stars. Were you . . .? "______?" you utter out the name of your crush. (if you don't have one, ask the name of any random deceased cat.) A purr of amusement came from the cat. "No, Honeypaw. This is Sunstar." He laid his muzzle on your head. "It is not your time yet, little one. You have a long future ahead of you--" his gaze flickered to your hind leg, which immediately brought back the ache, "--but that future will be hard. Go now, Honeypaw. I will see you again. In the moons to come, remember me."
  3. You woke to the sound of two cats arguing: your ears pricked as you heard the voices: Jaynight and Curltail. Your lip curled in disgust at the she-cat's show-off voice. She was your arch enemy--even more hated than Braveflame--and as you listened to the conversation bouncing back and forth. "Yes, but /she's/ just a cripple. Have you seen her mangled leg?" That was Curltail. You eyes flicked to your hind leg, and saw the bloody mess. You immediately looked away. Nothing had been bit off but fur--luckily--but still, it was a gory sight to see on your golden, white, and cream fur. You heard Jaynight's reply: "I don't care. She's still beautiful, inside and out."
  4. "No she isn't!" Curltail growled. "All she is is a worthless, bloody mess who doesn't deserve to live! Maybe she's dead right now! You know how she is--talking about prophecies, x_______x(you know the drill!) who died long ago, Sunstar, revenge, Snakeheart, whoever that may be, the Dark Forest, Kinkeyes, and complete gibberish!" You blink. The first few insults were way out of your head. *Prophecy?*
  5. "Yes, and it makes perfect sense," Jaynight retorted. "Only I wouldn't spill my secret to /you/. You're the cripple, inside your soul. Your heart is blind to truth and your soul? Well--" he broke off. "I can't even begin to say it."
  6. You heard crunching leaves as Jaynight spoke: either her was going muzzle-to-muzzle with Curltail or backing away from her in disgust. "I don't care about your opinion, fish guts." He then walked over to the medicine den, calling into there. "Peachlight! Glowpaw! 'she awake yet?" You heard a rustle as Peachlight got up. "My waking routine for the first few days," he said with a grumble, then his eyes landed on you and they widened. "Glowpaw!" he practically shouted. "She's /awake/!" Jaynight burst into the den, nearly running into you.
  7. "Hello, Jaynight," you manage to croak. "How _________?" (fill in the blank with the answer choice)
  8. If you asked the name of another Tom, he says they're fine curtly. If you asked about the Clan he says that Sunstar is dead and cats are still grieving. If you ask about him, he purrs and says he's fine now that he knows you're okay.
  9. Suddenly you hear a yowl of grief echo across the forest. You and Jaynight both glance up, spooked. "What was that?" you asked. He paused, then said, "Probably a WoodClan cat grieving . . ." as he said these words, you knew who it was.
  10. The end for now!

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