Warrior Cats Love Story Part 2

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This is the second part of my warrior cats love story. I don't know how many parts there will be so don't ask :) and a little *hint hint nudge nudge* I will add Spidercloud as a possible love interest in Part 3 :)

Wow! This quiz came out fast. Just a short reason why I make these stories, it's because I'm the best writer in my grade (It's been that way forever) and I can never focus on one solid story, so I decided to create quizzs that can be cut up into different stories! Please comment! I appreciate all feedback, even if it's negative. Because it just means I need to work harder :) And, FYI for everyone, I do not script this series, it's all pretty much improv from my head :) Maybe I should script it though, comment what you think :)

Created by: Sskittykat
  1. It's amazing! You've been newly apprenticed. You love hearing your name called in the mouths of fellow clanmates. "Saplingpaw, Saplingpaw, Saplingpaw!" they all seem to shout. Glazepaw is sitting next to you, he looks down at his paws. How do you react?
  2. Either way, Glazepaw looks at you funny. "Well, I like studying herbs, and all, but I wish I could train with y-" he is cut off when Lilacstar begins speaking again. "Cats of TreeClan, hear my words," Which is her way of silencing her warriors. "I sense a battle with BerryClan is coming up, we must prepare!" she shouts. "It would be better to attack first! Surprise them!" she shouts as mixed feelings are passed amongst the warriors. "I want Poppyleg, Spidercloud, Creeknose, Fadefur, Raccoontail, Maplesong, Glazepaw, Shadepaw, Tortoisepaw, Saplingpaw, and myself to go," she speaks. You feel excited when you hear your mentor, Raccoontail, is going to fight beside you. What are some other thoughts you have though?
  3. As you, and you clanmates pace to the much anticipated battle you are given the option to walk with Glazepaw, Tortoisepaw, or Shadepaw. Of course, you an also walk by yourself. What do you chose?
  4. If you choose to walk by yourself answer this question, and don't anwser anything else until question 10. You are walking alone, when all of a sudden Spidercloud comes up to you, and asks you what's wrong. You reply with... (Oh, and don't worry I'm adding another love interest on part 3 *hint hint nudge nudge*)
  5. If you choose to walk with Tortoisepaw answer this question, and don't answer again until question 10. Tortoisepaw gives you a concerened look, and meows "Hey, Saplingpaw, what's up?" Although this is portrayed as a casual friend to friend question, he seems sincerely concerned about you. You reply with...
  6. If you choose to walk with Shadepaw answer this question, and don't answer until question 10. Shadepaw looks at you cheekily, but then looks immediatly back down at his paws. You look once again at him. Is he blushing? You wonder, so you ask...
  7. If you choose to walk with Glazepaw, make sure you didn't answer questions 6-8. And be sure to answer the next question :3 You're walking quietly side-by-side with Glazepw, when suddenly you remember what he was about to say before he was cut off by Lilacstar. Then again, you also wonder why he's going to a battle even though he's outside of clan rivialry, and on top of that you're also wondering why the newest apprentices in the clan are going to fight without training. You are nearing BerryClan territory, and only have time for on question so you decide to...
  8. Whatever you choose, none of the toms have time to answer back before Lilacstar yowls "BerryClan fish hearts! Let's teach them a lesson, TreeClan, attack!" she orders. You immediatly see a BerryClan patrol being raided. You have an option on who to attack. There is another apprentice who looks newly appointed. A regular sized warrior who seems like a good target with her back turned, and a warrior with a swollen belly, which must mean she is expecting kits, and will be moving to the nursery soon...
  9. Annnnnddddd.... time for ranking :D How would you rate this episode from 0-5? 5 being awesome and 0 being crappy. (Please tell me in the comments :))
  10. Okay... well bye... I will make another episode soon :)

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