~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story: Part 4]~

Hello guys, Br0wnieBunny here. This is the fourth part of my new series: ~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story]~, and I appreciate that you are taking the time to read it.

Let me tell you guys what. Every day, or every 2-3 days, a new part of ~Fire alone can save us.. [Warrior Cats Story]~ will be finalized and posted. Thank you guys!

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
  1. Okay, so before we start the third part of this series, I would like to warn you: this part of the series is the continued prologue of the two previous parts. If you have not read part one, or part one's prologue, at least, please start reading that and also read part two and part three before you read this, because it will become a bit confusing in the beginning if you don't. Thanks!
  2. It was a beautiful sunrise in the Thunderclan territory. The robins chirped peacefully as the sun gleamed through the rustling trees in the wind. But at his twoleg home, Rusty informed, "I met some wild cats.." Smudge exclaimed. "What! Did you get into a fight? Were you hurt? What happened?" Rusty and Smudge then started to go outside, taking a walk in the nice weather. "They just warned me to stay off of their territory, then they asked me to join their clan.." Rusty's voice sounded a bit softer. "Why would they do that?" Smudge asked. "I don't know--" Rusty hesitated. "I think they need extra paws in their clan."
  3. "I wouldn't trust them if I were you." Smudge stopped, lashing his tail. "Wild cat's aren't friendly." Rusty stuttered. "But--" Smudge folded his ears back, sitting down. "Don't be silly, Rusty, you wouldn't go far with those wild animals." Rusty argued. "But I do trust them, I felt so strong..just by talking to them..I've made up my mind. I'm going to join them, to share their adventures." A brief moment of silence, then a strong wind blew against Rusty, making him nearly fall over, but his hind legs kept him balanced and he faced the wind courageously. "I wouldn't trust them." Smudge's voice turned stern. He turned, walking back to his twoleg home. Rusty and Smudge parted ways, walking in different directions.
  4. Once Rusty slowly made his way into Thunderclan territory, finally getting past such a strong wind, he bumped into a large, white tom-cat. "Hello, young one." the tom greeted. "I have heard much about you." Lionheart suddenly appeared, siding the tom. "This is Whitestorm. One of Thunderclan's senior warriors." Whitestorm nodded, smiling. "We are here only to take you back to our camp." He leaped a high distance, landing on a narrow tree branch. Lionheart followed Whitestorm, commanding, "Come. We can speak more once we are in the camp." Rusty nodded, running the fastest he could. Lionheart looked back at Rusty, and continued. Rusty stopped as Lionheart became out of sight, and he looked around, finding a tree. He hopped onto the bark, attempting to climb the tree, and a paw slipped, but he kept his grip and continued up the tree. As Rusty reached the top, he gleamed in triumph and swiftly hopped on tree branches, one by one.
  5. 'As long as I follow Lionheart's claw marks, I shouldn't get lost.' Rusty thought, still leaping on each tree branch. He finally stopped, noticing a thick river in between the next tree branch. He had no choice but to jump into the river, for the other tree branch was too short and narrow for him to cross. "This water is so thick.." he spluttered. His head was pushed under by the strong wind, but managed to lift his head above the water and managed to hop out. He slowly continued, but gasped. "The pawprints..they're all gone!" He then went back to a flashback where Greypaw said, "I smell cats from my clan..you should go." Rusty snapped out of his flashback, then opened his eyes. "The wind! The scent of Whitestorm..follow the scent of Whitestorm!" Rusty lifted his head, tasting the air. He walked along the faint scent.
  6. At moonhigh, Rusty leaped onto a log, noticing that Lionheart's claw marks have been there. 'Another one of Lionheart's claw marks! They must have leapt many trees at once.' Rusty thought, hopping over another log. In the bushes, Whitestorm and Lionheart watched. "He really is as Bluestar said. She saw no fear in his eyes, even when she scolded him." Whitestorm whispered. "It's unusual for a house pet." Lionheart replied. "But she also wants us to test his determination." Whitestorm nodded. "Do you think he can catch our scent from here?" Rusty called. "Whitestorm! Lionheart! Are you around here?" Lionheart sounded impressed. "I think he has done so, already." Whitestorm purred. "He learns fast." Lionheart got up, walking out of the bushes. "I'll leave him to you for now." Rusty called again, looking around. "Whitestorm! Lionheart!"

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