~Your Warrior Cats Adventure: Part 1~

In this quiz, you will experience a warrior cats adventure, in the warriors world! You get to pick your name, pelt and of course...your future! I really hope you like this quiz!

This is a story that goes along with the warrior cats series, after The Darkest Hour and before Midnight. I used the original warrior characters and added in some myself. I will have a part 2.

Created by: Nightstream
  1. Now, just to clarify. You are living under Firestar's leadership. This story takes place between Erin Hunter's 1st series, Darkest Hour and Midnight the 2nd series. You are ___________________.
  2. You are a newly-made warrior, your new name is _________.
  3. Firestar has chosen you and your best friend _________, to go to the Gathering at Fourtrees tonight.
  4. You and the cats chosen to go, followed Firestar down the ravine to Fourtrees. WindClan and ShadowClan were already there. ThunderClan mixed up with the other clans to socialize. Your best friend Lakepelt/Hollywing went off to talk with some young warriors, you followed closely behind.
  5. You settled down next to Lakepelt/Hollywing. A golden WindClan tom was sharing a boring story about his fight with a rouge, he was boasting a ton. You glanced round the clearing, uninterested in the tale. All cats seemed occupied, laughing and chatting. Not far away, in the undergrowth, a pair of fiery amber eyes stared through the undergrowth, at you. Those eyes were________.
  6. You nudged your friend, "look." He/She glanced at where you were pointing. "What?" The eyes had vanished. "Didn't you see, those eyes?" Your friend looked at you funny, "No, I didn't see any eyes." "They were right there, staring at me, they looked...angry." "You must be seeing things," then he/she turned back to the conversation.
  7. RiverClan soon arrived, then the Gathering started. Leopardstar hadn't much to say, other than a new litter of kits. Tallstar mentioned something about a Twoleg roaming their territory, but it left. It was Blackstar's turn. "Prey is scarce, but of course it is normal for Leafbare. We have a new apprentice: Toadpaw." Blackstar paused. "I have recently seen a dog on WindClan territory on one of my journeys to the Moonstone." Tallstar whisked his tail. "A dog, we haven't seen one in moons. None of my warriors noticed any dog scent. How do we know you are telling the truth?" Blackstar stiffened. "I am, I'm not lying." The WindClan leader didn't look satisfied. "Really? I swear We haven't even caught a trace of dog in the last few moons. You are lying." Blackstar bristled, "I am not!" "Liar!" Tallstar hissed. The ShadowClan leader snarled. "I'd watch your borders, Tallstar, my warriors would rip your pelts off!" Tallstar kinked his tail over his back, you could see his unsheathed claws glistening in the frosty moonlight.
  8. Firestar leaped between them. "Look, StarClan is angered!" Every eye was gazing up at the sky. A dark cloud covered the moon, blocking it's light. Everyone waited, the cloud did not budge. "It is clear," meowed Firestar, "StarClan does not want us to continue, the Gathering is over." Cats scrambled this way and that, joining their clans to go back to their camps. You joined Firestar, who was already preparing to leave with your clan. That night you___________.
  9. (If you asked Lakepelt/Hollywing) Lakepelt/Hollywing shrugged. "Leafbare hunger, I guess." Then he/she rested his/her head on his/her paws and fell asleep.
  10. Next day you...
  11. Firestar called you to his den. He sat with his tail curled around his paws. "You are ready to take on your first apprentice. You will mentor one of Lilypelt's kits, they are nearly six moons old." Mousefur stepped in. "If you want to," he added. "_____________"
  12. It's the day of Lilypelt's kits ceremony. Four excited kits, now six moons old, were staring up at Firestar. A few moments later, three of the kits were apprenticed, Icepaw to Hollywing, Foxpaw to Ferncloud and Petalpaw to Lakepelt. One kit remained, a dark ginger tom with ice-blue eyes. Firestar gazed down at you. "(Your Name), you will mentor Skypaw, I trust you will pass on your skills to your apprentice." You touched noses with your new apprentice. You feel ____________.
  13. You took Skypaw out to________________________.
  14. Skypaw learned quickly. His battle moves were amazing. "Now, Skypaw," you meowed, trying to sound like a mentor, "You have til Sunhigh to catch as much prey as you can. Starting...now!" Skypaw bounded off into the bracken. You silently followed. Snap! Skypaw trod on a twig. The squirrel he was stalking was off in a split second, he darted after it. You broke into a trot, making sure to give Skypaw his space. With a jolt you realized he was nearing the Thunderpath.
  15. You broke into a run. The acrid stench of the Thunderpath filled your nose. You could hear it too. "StarClan, let me be in time!" you panted. A small, dark ginger shape dove into the hedge (the hedge that borders the Thunderpath) just ahead of you. You reached for his tail and...missed! "Skypaw, wait!" you shouted. You dove in after him. No! Skypaw was in the middle of the Thunderpath, frozen in fear, a huge monster (car) sped straight at him. You...
  16. (This is only if you chose shoved Skypaw out of the way) The monster roared towards you. You leaped out of the way, safely landing on the grass beside the Thunderpath. You lay beside Skypaw, panting. A scent hit your nose, you were on the ShadowClan side of the Thunderpath! A dark gray tabby (this cat MUST be the opposite gender as you) tom/she-cat with blue eyes, a ShadowClan cat by the scent of him/her. "What are you doing on ShadowClan territory?" He/she demanded. "Saving my apprentice from a monster," you replied, getting up. The tom/she-cat looked impressed, "I'm going to get an apprentice soon." He/she stiffened. "ShadowClan patrol!" he/she hissed, "You'd better go." "Wait, I didn't get your name..." "Stormpelt." "I'm (Your Name)." Stormpelt nodded and vanished into the undergrowth.
  17. (Only if you chose scream at Skypaw!) Once he heard you, he woke up from his trance and scrambled out of the path of the monster, just in time! Now he was on the ShadowClan side of the Thunderpath. A dark gray tabby (MUST be opposite gender as you!) tom/she-cat saw the apprentice and began circling him, sniffing his pelt. You crossed the Thunderpath, this cat was ShadowClan, who knows what a enemy clan cat would do to Skypaw. "Is this your apprentice?" he/she asked. You nodded. "You'd better go, a patrol is near," he/she meowed. The tom/she-cat began to pad away. "Wait...I didn't get your name." The tom/she-cat blinked. "Stormpelt." "I'm (Your Name)." Stormpelt nodded before vanishing into the bushes.
  18. (Only if you covered your eyes!) You waited for a shriek from Skypaw, nothing came. You uncovered your eyes, just a little. A dark gray tabby (MUST be opposite gender as you!) tom/she-cat with dark blue eyes stood not far from you, gripping Skypaw by the scruff in his/her teeth. He/she was ShadowClan. "Thanks for saving him!" you meowed breathlessly. "No problem," he/she replied, setting Skypaw down. The tom/she-cat began padding closer to the Thunderpath. "Wait!" you shouted, "I didn't get your name...uh, uh-" "Stormpelt," the tom/she-cat finished. "I'm (Your Name)." "Well, then...I hope to see you again soon." Then Stormpelt bounded across the Thunderpath, reaching his/her territory.
  19. Once you got back to camp, you sent Skypaw straight to Cinderpelt, to be checked for injuries. Later, you found Skypaw nibbling on a vole. His fore paw was bandaged with cobwebs. "Are you badly hurt?" you asked. "Just a torn claw," he replied, "Cinderpelt says I just need a day or two to recover."
  20. For the next two days you are...
  21. You are out hunting with Lakepelt/Hollywing (your bestie). "You've seemed distant lately, what have you been thinking about?" He/she asks.
  22. You curled up in your nest, it was too cold to be out in camp. A blizzard was blowing in. Suddenly a thought dawned on you: Applewish and her newborn kits, they might freeze to death! You...
  23. (If you chose the 2nd question: you just went back to sleep. If you chose number 1 or 2: keep reading) The snow blew into your face and eyes, the stinging cold nipped at you nose and ears. A dark shape loomed ahead of you. You strained your eyes to see in the storm. It was a huge dark tabby with long claws and blazing amber eyes. You had never seen this cat before. Those eyes, you had seen them before...at the Gathering! Those eyes that were staring at you from the shadows! Then he vanished among swirling snow.
  25. How did you like this quiz (I know everyone asks that, sorry)

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