Warrior Cat's quiz!

Hello and welcome to a Warrior cats's quiz! Come and test your warrior cats skills, and see how much you know! Like, When did the clans start, stuff like that! Now, go enjoy yourself! :D

Cats are cool right? Well, what if cats were WARRIORS? :O Well, Fortunately, they are! Come and explore this quiz and answer which you think is right, and try to get a high score!

Created by: ILikePopcorn

  1. In Bluestar's prophecy, it mentions Bluestar's sister. Who is it?
  2. What's the place the clans meet up on a full moon, and what are the clan names?
  3. Who are the founders of the clans?
  4. How many kits did Frostfur have?
  5. In Tigerstar's Fury, where was he when the fire started in Thunderclan camp? At the time where Fireheart saved Bramblekit.
  6. What was Bluestar's warrior name, and who was her mentor?
  7. How many cats went to the Sundrown Place?
  8. Why did the cats go to the Sundrown Place?
  9. Are you having fun?
  10. What would Ravenpaw's warrior name be if he became a warrior?
  11. Who was Graystripe's parents?
  12. Did you enjoy this quiz, and do you want me to make another one? (This won't effect you're score.)

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