What type of person do you attract?

Our habits, dress, and attitude attract certain types of people to us. Sometimes similarities attract, sometimes opposites attract, it is hard to tell but fun to find out. This quiz will tease out just the personality type that you attract.

So try my little quiz to see what type of person is attracted to you! Sometimes it is fun to see if you are who you think you are. Try this little quiz, see where you are! You might even be surprised.

Created by: Wiccawolf
  1. Whats your favorite store to shop for clothes?
  2. What type of music do you like?
  3. How open minded are you in the bedroom?
  4. How Socially open minded are you?
  5. How often do you like to go out?
  6. Ever go to an art show?
  7. Ever been in a fist fight?
  8. Whats your 'drama' level?
  9. Drugs and Alcohol?
  10. Do you believe in Tarot, mysticism, etc?
  11. Ever fix a car yourself?
  12. What's your drink?

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Quiz topic: What type of person do I attract?