~Warrior Cats Adventure~ (Fill the blanks yourself)

You will fill in the blanks with the following answers I offer you to fill in the blanks. That's what you'll do. The last few questions are complicated, so read this carefully. If you pick a certain answer like "give up" you would select an answer that would say (give up:) and "imput paragraph here".

I hope you like this "warrior cats adventure", and I hope the answers I offer you to fill in the blanks are good enough and descriptive enough.

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. Before we start, I would like for you to please read the first two opening paragraphs. Okay?
  2. It's just the average type of day in Thunderclan. Bluestar assigns jobs, duties, and patrols for the cats in Thunderclan. Bluestar finally assigns you a job. You are a ____ cat with ____.
  3. What a coincidence, you and your friend get assigned the same job, Your friend is a ____.
  4. "Let's go do our job." says your friend. You and your friend go to hunt and do your patrols. You and your friend successfully catch 2 mice, 3 badgers and 1 hedgehog. You eat your prey in pride. "I'll be right back." says your friend. Your friend leaves. Suddenly Tigerclaw approaches you. "Let's go." he says. Tigerclaw kidnaps you and takes you to an unknown, dark place. You ____. Your friend returns, but they notice your gone.
  5. You and Tigerclaw reach ____. Other clan cats see you, wondering if you're in their clan or if you're trespassing. You walk all the way through their clan.
  6. You walk pass the highstones, fourtrees and many other distances. Tigerclaw keeps you kidnapped. Your cries for help are muffled, and Tigerclaw is just ignoring you. You and Tigerclaw reach a healthy, flowing river. But the river elevation was raised so high, that the rocks in the river (usually the way to cross) were covered in water and are impossible to use to cross the river. You ____.
  7. (Give up:) You and Tigerclaw did not reach your destination. Tigerclaw is furious, and Bluestar comes. "Great Job, warrior!" Bluestar smiles. You are rewarded because of your bravery. You reply ____.
  8. (Find another way to cross/think he's going to drown you:) You and Tigerclaw reach your destination. You feel ____.
  9. (Find another way to cross/think he's going to drown you:)"Shhhh!" he whispers. Your voice is still muffled because his paw is still over your mouth. You ____.
  10. (Find another way to cross:) "Thanks, I owe you one." Tigerclaw smiles. He escapes the base to try and invade other clans. You ___.
  11. "Think he's going to drown you:) "Stop!" you yell. The other cats hear you and Bluestar hears you as well. "You're in alot of trouble, young cat." Bluestar says sternly. You reply: ___.

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Quiz topic: ~Warrior Cats Adventure~ (Fill the blanks myself)