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  • ho,ho,ho green giant
    "i dont need to know you in order to know ur a big flirt so knock it the hell off and if you had a bf then you wouldnt be spending every waki..."
  • ho,ho,ho green giant
    "klilly this site isnt for dating so quit hitting on every guy you see id you wanna date te get a guy in real life and stop asking if there a..."
  • Soap!
    "(no so quit posting in other peoples threads you retard and another thing klilly stop asking people if they are males because this is not a ..."
  • so..........
    "quit f---ing bumping old threads ya dumb--- e.e"
  • smosh
    "stop bumping old threads >.>"
    "hey mikey (:"
  • "dur you flirt with nitro whenever hes on you may think that you dont flirt but you do and you need to stop because guys on here are with som..."
  • GTQ Quiz Awards
    "danny people just agreed to stop doing those types of awards because people feel left out so please stop"
  • Welcome to my garden
    "heart im not even trolling i was being totally honest from what ive seen and faith thought the same thing way before i said anything because..."
  • Welcome to my garden
    "not really no made it clear about your family but not about the guys and you do treat the guys on here better then you do ur gf yet you say ..."
  • Welcome to my garden
    "yet you didnt deny the part about caring mor about the guys on here rather then caring about ur gf more"
  • Welcome to my garden
    "see reason danny cares more about the guys on here she usually helps them but when it comes to you she leaves you hanging seems to me thag ..."
    "sure you fukcing stalker"
    "not u the other retard on here mikey u know ur gf likes some1 else (;"
    "u really need to stop bumping other peoples threads some people really do hate that on here e.e and mikey did ur gf dump ur sorry ass yet (:..."

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