~A One Direction Love Story Character Contest Winners~

Thank you everyone who entered my contest. I'm grateful for your effort and time to take for you to create your own creative character! Great job everyone!

Congratulations Orange_Juice, KatnissPeeta12 and That1Dfulband. Great effort, MALIK123. I wanted to say thanks again everyone, and great job you guys!

Created by: Br0wnies

  1. Hey guys, this quiz was made to announce the winners of my character contest!
  2. Before I announce the winners, I would just like to thank everyone who entered, and good luck to them!
  3. A character I will definitely use is Toby Smith by Orange_Juice. (Toby Smith is an 18 year old female who was born and grown up in England. Her birthday is April Fools Day. She has long, dark brown, wavy hair, only SLIGHTLY tanned skin and Green eyes. She is carefree, has a sense of humor, serious when needed, easygoing, clumsy at times, and can be silly and childish, but in a cute and funny way. Toby is also scared of being left alone in the dark. She loves music, movies, games, and eating snacks like chocolate, chips, candy, and oreos. Toby dislikes wearing skirts and dresses, high-heels, too much makeup, and being girly. Her goal is to be happy and make everyone around her smile and be happy). Creative thinking, Orange_Juice!
  4. Another character I will use is Savanah Abernathy by KatnissPeeta12. (Savanah Abernathy is a 19 year old female who is from Toronto, Canada and likes tea. Savanah has long, brown hair, light skin, blue eyes, and has a heart-shaped birthmark right below her left eye. Savanah is shy, funny and smart). Good job, KatnissPeeta12!
  5. I will also use Tara Conyers by That1Dfulband. (Tara Conyers is a 19 year old female who was born in Flora, USA. Tara has long brown hair, light skin, and blue eyes. Tara is fun and lovable. She loves One Direction, especially Niall Horan, and has a thing for animals). Great work, That1Dfulband!
  6. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who entered and great job!
  7. Again, I wanted to say thanks. I liked everyone's entry but I just decided to choose the best ones. A close winner was MALIK123. Good job, MALIK123!
  8. Bye guys!
  9. Thanks for your entries!
  10. .

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