~A One Direction Love Story Character Contest~

Hey guys, Br0wnies here and I'm having a character contest for my love story: ~A One Direction Love Story~! Enter if you want, have fun and put some effort into your character's description.

So enter if you want, but I just wanna have a little fun and put someone else's character in my love story! I bet it would lift the spirits of the winner, and it's super fun to do characters people request!

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. Hey boys, girls, fans and friends! Br0wnies here! :)
  2. So, are you familiar with my love story: ~A One Direction Love Story~? (You may be, you may not be.)
  3. So, I've decided to have a little fun and make a character contest for my love story!
  4. The deadline is kinda undecided, so I'll close the contest when I think I have enough entries.
  5. So, when you enter, put the description of your character in the comments with their First and Last Name, Looks and their Personality.
  6. That's about all guys, thanks for reading this and enter if you want!
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