Dark Angel Love Story (pt. 2)

Hey everyone! This is Amy Rose ♥, and I'm back with my second love story quiz! PLEASE READ THIS FOR VALUABLE INFORMATION! You seriously need this information.

Okay, here it is: I'm having a contest! I want to add a new character, and that character can be YOU! Just comment a character name and what they look like! (say your gender, please) I will post the winner on Part 3!

Created by: Amy Rose ♥

  1. **TO RECAP** You have just been walked home by sweet Cory and are just about to open his note! Let's get to the action!
  2. The note reads: "Will you go to homecoming with me? ♥ Cory" You stare at the note, hardly believing your luck. Cory likes you! You are pulling out your phone to accept the invitation when it buzzes. You see a text from Jeff. It says: "I've been thinking about you and I just wanted to ask you this. Will you go to homecoming with me?" You groan, and not because you hate Jeff, because you have to decide between them! Two seconds later, you get a text from Kyle. "Homecoming? ;)" it reads.
  3. You sigh loudly. "Looks like I'm gonna have to choose..." you say to no one in particular, but then a voice replies from behind you: "Choose what?" You turn around to see Nancy Gerome, your arch-nemesis. "None of your business!" You snap. Nancy smirks. "I'm guessing that you are talking about choosing not to buy a mirror, considering you would probably have a heart attack if you looked in it." she says. "Why? You gonna be standing behind me?" You retort. Nancy, fed up with you, sniffs haughtily and storms away.
  4. You giggle, then become serious as you remember the problem at hand. Finally, after a while of thinking, you grab your phone and send a message to all three boys. "I like all three of you, I really do, so naturally I can't choose one. I'm just gonna attend Homecoming alone, if you don't mind. ♥ _____"
  5. After sending the message, you feel a ton better and decide to get a good night's sleep. ZZZZZZ...
  6. **HOMECOMING NIGHT, @ SCHOOL** You are wearing a gorgeous, midnight blue gown that goes down to your knees. It is slender and perfectly accents your curvy figure. The gown is strapless and you are wearing white, six-inch Gucci heels.
  7. When you see the boys, you feel lightheaded. Jeff looks flawless in his white suit and blue tie that matches your outfit perfectly, which you find odd. Cory, wearing a powder blue suit and a pinstriped blue and white tie, looks handsome and sweet. And Kyle, the bold one, is wearing a neon orange suit with a hot pink tie, which, surprisingly, looks very good on him!
  8. The boys obviously are starstruck when they see how gorgeous you look, and Kyle, the first to recover, walks over to you. "May I have this dance?" he asks in a silly way, and you laugh and wrap your arms around his neck as the music starts. As you gently sway to the lulling music, a sort of tranquil feeling comes over you. Without comprehending what you are doing, your head gently rests on Kyle's shoulder, and he lets go of your waist to smooth a loose hair back from your forehead. You are feeling drowsy and comfortable by the time the song ends, and then Jeff sweeps you into his arms for the next dance.
  9. You giggle and as you dance, converse easily with Jeff. He is great to talk to and an amazing listener! You stop talking as the song ends, and Jeff kisses you lightly on the cheek. You blush and smile as Cory walks up, smiles at you, nods at Jeff, and takes you away for the next dance. You laugh chat with Cory as you dance to the upbeat song, the bass pounding in the background.
  10. When the song ends, all three boys walk up to you and say at the same time: "We need to talk." FREAKY! You nod and smile, but inside, you are kinda nervous. Did you do something wrong? Jeff looks at the others, looks at you, then says: "We're dark angels, and you are, too."
  11. **TWO DAYS LATER** You step out of the limousine you've been riding in with Jeff, Kyle, and Cory and stare up at the beautiful but slightly forbidding Dark Angel Academy!

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