they love me... Part 1

Heey(: so I'm new here. This is the first quiz/series I ever made so give me a chance?* So basically this is a love story where there are ups and downs regarding that these super cute boys are completely falling in love with you and you just don't know if you can pick.

Dakota has dark brown hair, gray eyes and is charming. Matt has black hair, dark brown eyes, and is sensitive. Jared has dirty blonde hair,blue eyes, and can make you laugh any time. Nick has light brown hair, hazel eyes, and is sweet. Taylor has brown hair with black highlights, green eyes, and is caring.

Created by: Dannica(:
  1. So you're at the mall with your bestfriend _____ & as your entering your favorite store, the first thing you notice are a group of super hot boys...
  2. You start pointing them out to your friend when you catch one of the boys gazing at you with gorgeous brown eyes and black hair with the most kissable lips ever
  3. You two stare deeply into eachothers eyes then you look away to see where(your friend) _____ is at. You start getting worried so you start looking around the store wondering where she/he is at, then suddenly you trip&fall pretty hard on the ground so you blackout;
  4. You flutter your eyes open and wonder what happened. You look around and see that you're in your room and wonder how you got there. You then wonder what happened to(your friend) _____ so you call her/him on your phone but you only get the machine, so you leave a quick message and hangup. You decide to go outside to get some fresh air so you take a shower and put together an awesome outfit which is;;
  5. You go outside and decide to walk over to the park which is fairly close by. When you get there you remove your shoes, drag your feet in the sand & go over to the;;
  6. You go to the swings and take a seat trying to remember what happened the other day & how you got home. You then realized you were the only person at the park considering that it was about 5:30 in the morning...
  7. You decide to leave the park and go back home but then you realize that someone that looked strangely familiare was coming your way. You continue swaying back and forth on the swing trying to remember where you've seen this person before... "Wasn't he one of the guys from yesterday at _____?" The boy comes closer and closer and when he's finally in front of you he asks," is this swing taken?" And smiles at you sweetly. "Um, no...didn't I see you yesterday at the mall?" You reply. "Oh yea I thought you looked familiar, I'm Dakota by the way." He smiles and offers you to shake his hand. "I'm ______" and you shake his hand with a smile as he flipps his dark brown(flippy) hair out of his eyes & you're thinking,,,
  8. You hear a twig break from behind a bush and as you look behind you to see what it was Dakota shouts out loud , "NOW!" You try to scream but you're frozen and as you're becoming unconsious you're thinking in your head...
  9. Part 2 will be made tomorrow where you get to meet ALL the boys(:
  10. Which boy sounds the MOST attractive to you?

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