Lost In Love part 1

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This is part TOO im sorry it says 1 i wasnt paying attenchion to what i was typing i hope you like sorry!


Created by: Amywhite
  1. They walk in and see your mom making mushroom ravioli. 'Mrs.Roberts that smells delightful.' Emmett says. 'Aww thanks m...Kendall?' 'Emmett. And this is Riley and Kendall' 'Ok. Dinner will be done soon.' 'Ok' Riley says. 'Um lets stay outside util it does though.ok?" Kendall says. 'sure' You answer. You go out side into the bac of the house where nobody can see you guys.
  2. They back away from you and turn you around. When you turn back around theres three huge wolfs in front of you. One snowy white, one chocolate brown, and one perfectly gray. There humans too. You see Kendall Emmett and Riley. Riley's chocolate. Emmetts Grey. And Kendalls white.
  3. 'umm...' Is all you sqeeze out of your mouth 'What? You don't like my color do you?' They all say together. 'No! I love your colors.. it's.. just.. it's so sudden..' 'AJ we had to tell you or el-' 'Dinners done sweetie pie!' 'coming mom!. Or else what?' You say on the way back. Emmett chimed in 'Or else you wouldn't know what you were turning into!' 'What do you mean? what i'm turning into?' 'I mean you won't know what the hell you are! AJ your a freaking werewolf. What you mom never told you?!?!?!' 'No No she didn't! You know... Maybe you should just go.. All of you.'
  4. 'AJ now that we've found you we can never leave. I'm sorry Emmett yelled at you. I-I-I I'm not good with this!I can't be the perfect boyfriend! I'm sorry. I just can't let you out of my site! I can't have you running towards the bloo- nevermind. okay? forgive us?please?' 'Fine. Bloo- What?' 'It's complicated AJ' Riley Says. 'I don't freaking care tell me!' 'BLOODSUCKERS OKAY? VAMPIRES LEECHES! WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL THEM!' Riley screams at you. You run away crying.
  5. You pass on dinner and go straite to your room. Your older sister Amber( Sorry you have an older sister AND brother) comes into your room and askes you whats you. You tell her everything-but the werewolf part. She understands as you thought she would. You never douted her for one second. Once she leaves you drift off to sleep and you dream about..
  6. You wake up in a place you've never been to before. It seems empty. You call Rileys', Emmetts', and Kendalls' name. Nobody answers. Your starting to get freacked out when you her a soft velvet voice. surprisingly female. You see her pale skin with a beautiful face and bright golden eyes. before you know it theres Emmett. A HUGE grey wolf tackling the pale girl.
  7. Your suddenly is Rileys arm's as he carries you back to his house. 'What's going on?" you ask. 'The girl you saw.. Sh-she was a vampire. She wanted to kill you.' 'What about emmett won't he get hurt?' 'No Emmetts Got everything undercontrol.' 'Oh..Okay.. That's good.'
  8. You get there and CLIFFHANGER! Sorry i now they suck
  9. Who are you thinking about?
  10. Did you like my quiz?

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