Lost In Love part 4

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Part 4 is finally here! I've been spending forever on it! enjoy and remeber the rest of part 3 cuz thats mentioned here!

Created by: Amywhite
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  1. You hear the birds chirpping outside witch causees you to wake up. You go downstairs in your PJs and notice it's only Emmett. You smell the aroma of the chocolate chip pancakes he's making. 'Where's Riley and Kendall?' You ask. Riley's Getting you more clothes and Kendall's going out for groceries. we're kinda running low on food.' 'Oh.. Okay then.' You sit down on the couch and watch your favorite TV for about 12 minutes. 'Hungray?' Emmett says. You chimmed 'Totally what's for B-fast?' 'Chocolate chip pancakes bacon and orange juice.' 'Mmmm smells delishois.'
  2. As you eat you start to worry about your car. 'Um.. what happened to my car?' You ask. 'Oh um Kendall took it to get groceries.. Is that okay?" 'Yeah! tottaly!' You finish eating and go up into your room. What do you wear?(your clothing has NO EFFECT!)
  3. Kendall and Riley come back at the exact same time. They put thier stuff on the coutch and run up to hug you. Your getting quished to death. 'Cant.... Breathe....' You choke out. They emmiedieetly let go of you and you can beathe again! Riley shows you what he got you. 5 pairs of light blue flare jeans ripped of course, 3 tube tops one green one red and one orange, and 2 pairs of flipflops one pink and one brown. You thank him with a hug and bring the stuff up into your room. You start hanging stuff in your closet when, in your mirrow, you see the same pale face you saw before, but this time her eyes were pitch black.
  4. Before you knew it you see all ofyour woves. Snowball(Kendal), Grey Grey(Emmett), and Coco(Riley).All fighting for you. Your so mad you jump at you and your a wolf too! A Black one. Pitch black. But you have a spek of white of your paw. The vampire runs away in amazment and your saved. as you turn back into your human form Riley's feels your hand. 'Yep, She's one of us.' You can feel the hottness in your head screaming at you. Kill Kill Kill!!! Kill now! is what your mind is saying.But you just run downstairs through the doors into the shining sunny day. You can feel the heatness increase and borfore you know it your sweating. You can feel a cold touch on your hand. You turn and it's the vampire. ' I mean no harm' said her velvet voice. ' I just want to tell you something.' 'What?' you hiss back. 'I want to tell you that if you come with me, Your life will be less painful.' 'Oh yeah right!' You scream. In a slit second she was come and Kendall was outside. 'Are you okay?' He asked. 'Yeah, fine.' Okay. So what is going on now? You think. BAM! You and Kendall are kissing. You feel like you at the top of the world. What are you thinking?
  5. He stops and you run inside. Riley and Emmett look at Kendall feuiously. You feel the tention sharting to build up in your stomach you wanted to scream" OK STOP STOP IT NOW! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE I'M LEAVING!" You wanted to scream that but your tounge wouldn't cawaparate.
  6. You starting to feel tired but go upstairs and try to sleep. ou hear Kendall Riley and Emmett screaming at each other downstairs. 'Kendall you know she doesn't need that!'(Emmett's Voice) (Kendalls voice) 'Well Riley kissed her yesterday and you didn't give a crap about that!' The rest after that was a bit fuzzy as you dream you dream about...
  7. You wake up to a sunny moring and wear brown flipflops orange tube top and light blue flare jeans. All that Riley bought for you. You go outside into the garden and Emmett follows. You ask if you can pick a Pink tulip.' Sure But i'd rather if you picked me.' He says. You giggles and don't know why. You lean in to kiss him but he backs away. 'AJ I don't wanna rush things so kiss me when you want to.' 'Well I want to now' you say. 'Oh..' He whispers. You guys kiss for about 12 seconds and the magic is over and you feel yourself fallover onto the roses with noone there to stop you.
  8. You go back into the house and..CLIFFHANGER!
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