Time Less Love Part 8

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READ THIS, READ THIS!!!! If you can't find any of my quizzes and you want to take it go to Google.com and type in the name and it should come up. Example - type in "Time Less Love part 7" and it should come up

Yay it's here!!! Although I've had a few problems with the quiz maker it's ok I'm still working it and try the first quizzes if you haven't already else you'll be lost.

Created by: BlackandWhite
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  1. You wake with the sun light shining on your face. It’s a beautiful day also the day for your and Henry’s date together, how do you feel about that?
  2. You decide to change, what do you wear?
  3. : You go down stairs and search for a clock you find one in the dining room and notice it's past noon and realize training could start anytime now you go to the kitchen and get something to eat, what do you get?
  4. You finish making your food and eating and look around for the guys. You look around the house searching several rooms and can't find them. "Guys?" you yell hoping for a respond but there's nothing but an echo, "GUYS?!" You keep screaming running frantically through the house searching their rooms and other rooms, but there is no response. What are you thinking?
  5. Whatever you pick you try to calm down. You hear a key in the front door and hear the door unlock. You see the guys walking in with baskets of food and coming in you stand there staring at them. Drake first followed by Henry Adam and you see Ethan with a bag hiding his face. Drake is half in the door when he notices you. He stops and makes Ethan hit Adam and the all lurch forward but stay on their feet. "Hi _______," Drake says and notices the expression on your face and his smile drops. "Are you ok ________," all you do is let out a sigh of relief and offer to help you grab a bag from which guy?
  6. Whoever you get a bag from they walk past you and as Adam walks by you he winks and without anyone noticing. Henry does the same (uh twins) and they all continue on to the kitchen. What are you thinking?
  7. You all begin to silently put things away in the cabinets in the kitchen. Out of the corner of your eye you notice that Drake is throwing you glances with a worried look and his eye. As you begin to finish you finally start a conversation. "So who am I training with today?" you say as you clean up. "Well you can train with me," says Adam with a cocky smirk on his face. "We can start in the game room in 30 minutes," he says and leaves followed by the others. You're thinking?
  8. You sit in the kitchen for a moment and think and all of a sudden the stove bursts into high flames. What's you reaction?
  9. The flames shift and it begins to change into a figure. It turns into the girl you saw in your dream (It was in quiz 4) her blond hair comes and soon from her torso up and the flames burning underneath her. She looks about 12 now but still frightening. "Hello ______, miss me?" she says with her head tilted and a smile across her face. What do you do?
  10. : As you rattle your brain for something to do the girl throws a fire ball at you and duck as it flies by your head singeing your hair. You dive behind the island in the middle of the room and cover your head with you arms and scream at the top of your lungs. What are you thinking?
  11. Soon you hear and see the kitchen door fly open just as the flames suddenly disappear. Drake and Ethan are standing in the doorway with expressions on their faces so worried and shocked that it looks like they saw their own deaths. "________," they say when they notice you and rush over to you, quickly followed by Adam and Henry. "What happened?" asked Henry. "Moral," you stammer, "She tried to kill me. She came out of the stove." The boys finally notice the burning hole in the wall and you slightly burned hair. They all turn to the stove and back to you. "Ok come on then follow me," Drake says helping you up. What are you thinking?
  12. The boys lead you to your room and Henry grads your bag and begins to pack random clothes. The other boys lead you to your bed and let you rest there while trying to calm you down and get the whole story. You explain it to them while Henry finishes packing for you. You also tell them about your dream (in quiz 7) and the purple eyed raven and the all seem to grimace. "Purple eyes?" Ethan asks. You nod your head, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US SOONER _______?!?!" Ethan yells. As he tries to calm himself Adam tries to comfort you and puts his arm around you. You're thinking?
  13. "We have to change times now," Henry says to you while trying to zip up the bag he packed for you. "Where will we go?" you ask curiously. "We're not sure but let me take care of it." Drake says to you. What are you thinking?
  14. "Ok we'll go soon , just stay here alright? We need to pack and grab a few things, too. After we're all packed we'll go." Drake says. "You can pack a small bag of things to bring along _______, because everything else will be left behind." And with that all the guys leave to pack a bag leaving alone in your room. What do you pack in your small bag?
  15. After you finish packing the guys come in your room with their bags. Ethan carrying a military green duffle bag that seems only half full, Henry coming in with a large bulky blue back pack and Drake with a black smaller back pack bag and Adam struggling to drag in a huge grey duffle bag stuffed to the max. "Ready?" Ethan asks. You all nod, "Ok come close together then," Drake directs You all huddle together. "Close your eyes everyone," Drake says and you all do as he asks. Then suddenly you hear a strange noise of working magic and then you feel your body jerk and you feel like there is no floor or walls and you're just floating in mid air. You open you eyes to reveal a color wormhole with images of faded people going on with their ordinary live and wars and all different kinds of images. You see the guys floating in front of you and begin to relax. Soon there is a bright light in front of you and it's so bright you have to shield your eyes. What are you thinking?
  16. Soon you fell the atmosphere change and you suddenly fall on something squishy you open your eyes to see you've land on the guys who are in a pile and lucky you, you landed on Ethan's butt. (Me:HAHA n_n)What are you thinking?
  17. And Cliffhanger YAH!!! Did you like the quiz?
  18. Also if you can't find part 7 to this quiz go to Google.com and type in "Time Less Love part 7" and you'll find it Kk?

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