Winter transformation part 4

Ciao! Part four is here. Recap: you were taken to the boy's 'mansion.' You spend some time there and just entered your room. Here's the catch-there are two Seans!

Here are the guys for you to fall in love with: Sean the devil, Jake the werewolf, Marc and Mike (brothers) the vampires and a nex character that you will not be told of yet. You are half vampire and half human.

Created by: dragonlover193
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  1. You look between the two Seans with wide eyes. There couldn't possibly be two Seans! As you looked between them, the other guys came up from the kitchen. Their looks were still cold but now there was a spark in them that you couldn't identify. On the other side, the boys near the window were snarling and growling at the second thems. "_____ it's okay. Come back to us and we'll deal with these imposters." Sean at the door said gently and extended his hand to you.
  2. You decide to stay in the middle of them-still unsure. "_____ don't listen to him!" Sean near the window insisted. He reached for your arm.
  3. Even if you dodged him or tried to go to the other Sean, he still manages to grab you. The guys on the other side of the room snap and lunge for him. The Sean holding you firmly swings you around and puts you behind him while still holding you. You find that the guys on his side lunged to defend and protect you and this Sean. The ones that were at the door were destroyed in minutes. Their bodies waver in black smoke for a second and then they look like black demons with tiny horns on their heads.
  4. You look at the creatures for only half a minute then tear your eyes away from them. "Demons playing with your mind" the Sean holding you snarled, "Shane too." 'Shane?' you think. Sean's eyes never left his imposter self. "Give _____ back" Shane (at the door)snarled. "Why don't you tell us what's REALLY been going on brother." Sean snarled back, spitting the last word with utter distaste.
  5. "Just taking my time in finding someone" Shane snarled "I've already chosen who I want though." He was looking directly at youl "She doesn't want you" Sean snarled angrily. "Oh?" Shane asked and a sly smile spread across his lips. You barely noticed that the demons got up-becuase Shane's eyes seemed to capture most of your attention. Did he really love you, or was this all just some sort of sick joke on his part? Unlike the demons, you couldn't tear your eyes away. "______?" Sean asks nerviously as if a thought had just accured to him. His voice was filled with worry and uncertainty. You can't look away or give any sign that you had heard him.
  6. Well, even if you TRIED to talk, you can't. Sean grabs your arm tighter and shakes you out of your trance with Shane, who frowns at this but makes no other move. "We're leaving" Sean growls then starts backing up. Mark, Mike, and Jake go in front of you guys incase the demons decided to attack. When you're near the very edge of the room with your back being lightly brushed by the chilly wind outside, Mike and Marc connect hands with you and Sean. Then, there's a swirl of darkness. It surrounds you all like a cucoon and then fades away, revealing a huge white room with light grey furniture.
  7. Sean releases you. "Sorry we didn't come sooner" he said. He seemed sad. "Yeah. I think Shane had a barrier around his castle that wouldn't let us sense you" Marc said. "Sense me?" you ask, amazed that you can even think about anything like this right now. "Your mind" Mike clarified "Marc and I can sense your mind." "Partially becuase we tasted your blood" Marc added "and we're kind of atuned to your mind.
  8. You nod, guessing that it makes sense. "You should get some rest," Mike says, "We'll be up all night so nothing esle happens." This reassures you so you nod again. They all say good-night to you and Sean leads you to 'your room.'
  9. He leads you to the door and just opens it for you. "This is your room now," he says, "It's usually a spare but we have plenty more of those and this is the nicest of them all." "Thanks" you say and smile at him. "My pleasure" he said and smiled back. He gently takes your hand in his and presses his lips to the center of your hand-palm down. "Good night" he breathes against your skin after the kiss then, reluctantly, leaves.
  10. You stay by your open door for just a second. Then you go in and close the door. The lights are off, so you find the switch on the wall and turn the lights on. The room is big-alot like the one at your house.
  11. As you scan the room, you discover that not everything is ok and great. Shane's there-sitting on your bed. The door locks behind you. "Hey." he grins.

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