The Coldest Winter Ever quiz

Many woman and teenagers love The Coldest Winter Ever. I have heard plenty of girls say that that is their favorite book. I figured why not make a quiz about it.

Try beating others scores and show that you are a true Coldest Winter Ever Lover. I would definately score a 100% on every quiz like this one. Good luck and enjoy!

Created by: Shanell

  1. Who wrote "The Coldest Winter Ever"?
  2. Who is the main Character?
  3. Where is Winter from?
  4. Who is Winter's bestfriend?
  5. Who is Winters biggest crush?
  6. What did Winter's dad do for a living?
  7. Why did Winter's family move from their city?
  8. What happened to Winter's mother?
  9. Where was Winter when her house got raided?
  10. What was Winter's boyfriends name?

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