Are you a Spring, Fall, Summer, or Winter

Hey do you like seasons? Don't you always here thoughs preppy girls saying " I'm not gonna were THAT blue shirt because I'm a Summer not a Winter" Do you know what YOU are. You may have a blue shirt and a red short so you can't tell. But if you look at it differently you will find out.

And what better way to look at it differently then taking this quiz. It asks you all sorts of questions so it's bound to work. So. Which of the four seasons are YOU! You can find out in just a couple of minutes after taking this quiz.

Created by: Justice

  1. Do you like cold weather?
  2. Do enjoy outdoor water sports?
  3. Do enjoy the birth and life of things? (such as flowers blooming and animals being born)
  4. Do enjoy plants and such dying?
  5. green, red, orange, or white
  6. True or False: You eat meat
  7. True or False: You are a hippie
  8. Are you happy?
  9. Do you enjoy hotness?
  10. Why are yo taking this quiz.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Spring, Fall, Summer, or Winter