What SEASON are you?

There are four seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall/Autumn. They each have their own characteristics. Example: Winter-----> cold, inside Get the idea? Let's see if I can match the characteristics to the answers of my questions!!

Ever taken a quiz to see what SEASON you are? Are you indoorsy or outdoorsy? Are you liek the month you were born? Take this five minute test to figure out YOUR season! Winter to spring, summer to fall, take my quiz I've got em' all!

Created by: cassie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. your LEAST favorite season is...?
  2. You prefer...?
  3. You would rather be...
  4. Do you like begining school?
  5. Pick your favorite!!
  6. Favorite holiday...?
  7. Which cooking device?
  8. Favorite Drink...?
  9. Youd rather visit...?
  10. pick a plant..

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Quiz topic: What SEASON am I?