Winter Transformation part 3

Ciao! Part three is here. Recap: the guys told you a bit about themselves wile you were getting major headaches. You feint from one and end up where this part of the series begins.

Here are the guys for you to fall in love with: Sean the devil, Jake the werewolf, Marc and Mike (brothers) the vampires and a nex character that you will not be told of yet. You are half vampire and half human.

Created by: dragonlover193
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  1. You wake up in a big, dark room. You can tell it's not yours just by the sheer size of it. From what you can see thanks to the full moon's radiance, it's about twice as big as your room back home. Maybe one of the guys lives here. You hear the guys talking in hushed voices outside of the door. You can't make out what they're saying so you decide to sneak up to the door. After you sit up in the bed though, things get super dizzy and you fall back with your head hitting a soft pillow with a 'thump'. The guys didn't notice and kept talking. You waited silently as the spinning stopped. Then you got back up-slower this time-into a sitting position. No spinning this time. That was a good sign. Then there's a sharp pain in the back of your head and you're knock unconcious.
  2. You wake up again in the same room. Nothing seems to have changed other than the moon is blocked by inky black clouds and the guys aren't in front of your door talking anymore.
  3. You look around again and notice that there is a change-someone is standing by your window.
  4. It looks like Sean. "Sean? Is that you?" you ask. "Yeah sorry. I was trying not to wake you up" he apologized and came out of the shadows he was in. He sat next to you. "You know, this is my room" he chuckled and leaned into you a bit. "Oh. Sorry. Why did you bring me here?" you ask. "Well it was the only place where we had any room. My brother used to live with me-and this is MY house-so I have room." "What happened to your brother?" "He became a dick and we had to kick him out" Sean shrugged "It's better off that you're not near him anyway."
  5. (Assuming you picked the first one) "Well it all depends on what you consider evil" he chuckled. "I mean like, does he kill people and stuff like that? Does he want to kill you, me, or the others?" you clarify. "Oh" he says undisturbed "Well yeah he hates my guts. It's been so long though-I don't even remember what we hate eachother for....maybe I'll remember later" he winks at you.
  6. Then he leans in and gives you a hot kiss.
  7. You two make out for a while in your shared room. "Hey Sean come on! You got dishes man" Mike called. "Yeah you gotta pull your weight around here too" Marc added. Sean chuckled and took your hand then led you out of the room and down a long hallway. It looks like grey stone and felt like a castle. You guys head down a wide grey spiral staircase that leads to a large living room. Sean leads you through the living room and to the kitchen where the other guys had just finished a meal. They don't say anthing to you. The only thing the others do is look up to acknowledge you and then go back to whatever it was they were doing.
  8. You wait by Sean as he does the dishes and eat an apple. Jake, Mike, and Marc lean in over the table and talk to eachother in low and unnaturally rough voices. "Are you guys sick or something? Your voices seem rougher" you ask them. They turn to look at you at the same time and stay quiet. Their eyes aren't friendly and warm though-they're cold and uncaring. You shudder and leave the kitchen as Sean finishes up.
  9. Months pass and you stay with the guys in the mansion. Everyone but Sean is cold and doesn't talk to you.
  10. One night (after living there for a month), you can't get any sleep for some reason. You feel like you're being watched. You decide to look out of your window-since Sean now sleeps outside of 'your' room-to see if anyone is there. A figure appears in front of your face behind the glass. Startled, you jump back and nearly scream bloody murder. A hand appears from behind you and silences you before you can release a single syllable. "____ it's okay. It's just me" comes Sean voice in your ear. You breathe a sigh of relief. Sean releases you. Then the door to your room bursts open. Both of you turn quickly to find... "Sean?" you say confusedly. "______! Get away from him!" the Sean at the door exclaims. The Sean that had covered your mouth gets in between you and the other him protectivly.

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