Winter transformation

Tis the season to be jolly. This quiz begins on the day before Christmas. You get done shopping and are on your way home, your trunk filled with presents. The roads are icey and slick and you run out of gas. What happens next? Find out and take this quiz!

You have four different characters to deal with. All of them are teen boys. There's a muscular one with green eyes, a blue eyed teen that is slightly less filled than the green-eyed one, a teenager with brown eyes who is even slimmer and another with hazel eyes. This last boy is the slimmest of them all. Be assured though that all of them are strong.

Created by: dragonlover193
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  1. It's the day before Christmas and the roads are slick as you drive in your car (of your choice). The bags that you bought in the trunk shake but don't fall out so far as you know of. Hell you just got done shopping for presents for your friends and family!
  2. You concentrate on the road. Then your car starts making funny noises. "Crap" you mutter and look at your guages. You're out of gas.
  3. It's snowing outside but you force yourself to leave your toasty car and head out into the snow covered ground. You look for a gas station and find one not too far away. It's still open, so you hurry up and buy some gas. While you're heading back to your car with the gas in your hand, your neck starts to prickle.
  4. (Whatever you chose)You quickly turn and look all around you. At first, nobody was there. Then suddenly when you're facing the same way you were before, there's four teens infront of you.
  5. The figures stand in the shadows-under an overhang. They look like teen boys and you can distinctly see their eye colors: green, brown, blue, and hazel. The teen with the green eyes looks well built and full. He's the biggest of the bunch. Next to him is the one with blue eyes-another strong figure but without so many muuscles. Brown eyes stare at you next to him. His build is lean but you can tell that he's no weakling either. The last figure has hazel eyes and is the slimest of all the teens.
  6. There's a noise behind you. You turn again to see what it was. Nothing. You look back at the overhang and see that the teens are gone. "I must be losing it" you mutter to yourself. Before you can do anything else, there's a sharp pain in your head. You clutch your head tightly.
  7. You fall to your knees, ignoring the snow and forgetting about everything except for the pain in your head. Your brain felt like it was melting painfully! You curl into a ball in the snow, hoping that the pain will go away and you can go back home.
  8. Eventually the pain becomes too much for your body and you black out.
  9. You wake up later that night. The dashboard says it's about 1 in the morning. You know you left the mall at 9:30 last night. Your head doesn't hurt anymore, which your grateful for, but something just doesn't seem right. You spot your keys in the igntion and notice that your car is trumming. Warm air blows out of the vents. 'Didn't I run out of gas?' you wonder 'I could have sworn I did.' You look outside and see that you're not on the side of the road anymore-you're near your neighborhood!
  10. You turn the key to you and turn off your car. Then you get out and check your trunk. The presents you bought from last night were still there-nothing seemed to be missing. "Guess I got the gas in the car and drove home...partially" You tell yourself then get back in the car and go home for real. (HOME!)You get all the gifts in your room and lock the doors-just in case. Besides, Mom always said it was a good idea to lock the doors after you got home. You got settled in your room and started to wrap up the gifts you had bought. Good thing Mom and Dad went on vacation for about a month. It takes a while but when you're done it's 3 o'clock. You're tired and decide to get changed into your pj's and go to bed. Your alarm clock wakes you up at 7. You get changed and start to head downstairs when there's a creak at the top of the stairs. You turn, but nothing's there. A shudder goes through your body and you turn to keep going downstairs. You freeze though. Right in front of you, and coming up the steps, is a teen boy with dark brown hair and emerald green eyes.
  11. You decide to turn back around and try to head upstairs. When you reach the top, another boy gets in your way. He's your height and has eyes the color of blue saphires.
  12. and then........there was a cliffhanger.

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