Winter transformation part 2

Ciao! Okay. So in this part of the quiz, you will find out the boys' names and what they are-which is NOT human! See who catches your eye this time and just have fun with it! Ciao!

You have four different characters to deal with. All of them are teen boys. There's a muscular one with green eyes, a blue eyed teen that is slightly less filled than the green-eyed one, a teenager with brown eyes who is even slimmer and another with hazel eyes. This last boy is the slimmest of them all. Be assured though that all of them are strong.

Created by: dragonlover193

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  1. He reaches for you and you back up, forgetting that you're on the top of the stairway. Your back touches the railing but you don't notice because the blue eyed guy is still reaching for you. Still trying to move back, you push against the wooden railing and it breaks-thus causing you to fall head-first. "No!" exclaims the boy reaching for you. It's a long fall down-long enough to spit your head open!
  2. You close your eyes tightly, just waiting for that painful landing. Something catches you from the side and you don't fall. As a matter of fact, it feels like somebody's holding you. You open one eye to see what had happpened. Who do you think is carrying you?
  3. It's the boy with hazel eyes. He looking down at you worridly. "Good catch Mike!" blue eyes sighs in relief. "What'd you do? Push her, Marc?" 'Mike' asks. "No. She just kept moving and fell" blue eyes says. So he must me Marc.
  4. "Um thanks but can you put me down?" you ask. "Oh sorry" Mike apologizes and puts you down. He holds on to your arm though and you find that his grip is firm.
  5. "Just so we don't have to go through anything like that again" Mike explained and pointedly looked down at your arm that he had securely. 'Great' you mutter in your head. Marc jumps down from the stairs and amazingly doesn't break any bones-a feat that woul have been impossible for you or anyone else. Green eyes came over from the bottom of the staircase. "Okay just so you can stop thinking of me as 'green eyes', I'm Jake" he said. His words weren't harsh or anything-just a simple fact. Then one of your windows is opened and the teen with the brown eys comes in. "What did I miss?" he asks. "Nothing Sean" Jake says "she just fell and Marc caught her." "Oh" Sean says, looking grateful that you weren't hurt.
  6. Mike leads you into the living room and the other boys follow you two. You all sit down and they start explaining things to you and giving you info. "Marc and I are brothers and you already know all of our names" Mike says "but what you don't know is why we're here." You nod in agreement. "Well, we came here to protect you and help you with what you are" Jake says.
  7. (Assuming that you picked the first option) "You mean you don't know?" Sean asks. You shake your head in confusion and ask "Know what?" They all look at eachother then look back at you. "Well, the thing is...your dad's a vampire" Mike says then Marc adds "but you're mom's a human." "So..." you start to say and put it together. "Yeah. Your half vampire and half human" Sean says.
  8. "Yeah..." you say "Right. Okay. Tell you what boys, I'm going to go to my room and forget all about this....mess and your idea of a joke." Then you start to walk away. In the blink of an eye though, Marc is in front of you. He swiftly puts one of his fingers in your mouth then brings it back out before you can actually pull it out yourself. There's a drop of blood oozing out of his finger as if he pricked himself. "See this? Only vampire fangs are sharp enough to do this that quickly." Then before you can do or say anything, he takes YOUR finger and pricks you on one of his teeth. You take your hand back immediatly and find that you have a drop of blood coming out of your finger too. "I know because I'm a vampire." he says and smiles so you can see that he really does have fangs.
  9. You look behind you and see that the other boys are nodding. "Jake's a werewolf, Mike's a vampire too, and Sean...Welll, he doesn't look it but Sean's a devil." Marc says
  10. "A what?" you ask again. "A devil" Sean repeats "I was born in Hell." A pounding fills your head right after Sean answers you. The boys look worried and the ones sitting down get up. Your legs give out and Marc catches you. He picks you up in his arms so that your legs are in his one arm and your head is against his chest. "I think we gave her too much too soon" Jake says, obviously sadened. "We'll take you somewhere safe-we have to take you away from here" Marc says to you, his voice rumbling in your ear because of how he's holding you.
  11. Then as if the pounding in your head wasn't bad enough, the room and its occupants start to spin and get fuzzy. " I sick?" you manage to ask. "I don't know-we'll have to see when we leave. It isn't safe here" Sean says but you can barely hear him. Marc and the others start moving-out of your house, you presume-and you black out as one of them opens the front door.

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