Twisted Maximum Ride part 5

k, you have waited long enough, am i right?? sp finally part 5 is here. most of you have taken my other twisted maximum ride quizes, and i bet we can pretty much ALL agree that it's awesomely brilliant.

so as i said here's part 5 (ugh.. i really hate the 2 paragraph thingy.) i added in Alex this time remember? i forgot last time. so like if u got nobody in part 4 it is likely that you woulda gotten Alex. so take it, live it, love it!!

Created by: Alana

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  1. So I left off with you arriving at Alex's house. He turns the key in his motorcycle and the engine cuts off. He unmounts it, and hangs his helmet on the handle. He shakes his head, fixing his hair from its spikey mess to an acceptable spikey state. He flashes a grin at you. His blue eyes sparkle in the dim moonlight.
  2. He holds out his hand. You take it. He helps you down off the motorcycle. You take off you helmet and flip your reddish brown hair out of your face. You hang up your helemt. Then, grbbing his hand, you both run up to the front door. "Just like old times" you say, savoring the memories. "You know, Max, they dont HAVE to be OLD times.." He looks at you.What do you say?
  3. So you kiss. Then, you both breathing hard, hug, and he turns the key in the door knob, and open the door. You both walk in to the dark house. He guides ou up the stairs, and into his room. He shuts the door softly. "So uh... How's life been treating you?" He asks. "Fine." you mutter. he laughs. "what?!" you ask, giving him a little push. "I just thought things would turn out you know, more... happily ever after... - ish.." You both laugh. "I know that's not like you, Alex!"
  4. Your phone rings. "Hold on a sec" you tel him. "I'll be waiting," he replies. "Hello?" u answer the phone. "Max, where are you?" "Uh... out and about.. Why?" you ask. "Well, uh, there's this guy here... we don't know who the ___ he is.. but like, he's asking for you...." Fang says. "What does he look like??" "uh... hard to tell... he's kinda short... and stout.... and he has deep black hair..." he says. "Oh, no. OK, just don't let him in, and don't tell them I'm staying there, okay??" you hang up. "What was that all about??" Alex asks. "Oh, uh.. mmm I will tell you later right now i need 2 get outta here. You grab his hand and pull him down the stairs. You both get on his motorcycle. "Where to?" he asks. "Just let me drive, K?" you ask. You get in the front, and he gets behind you. you drive down the street and onto the highway. Your speedometer was up at 180 mph. Your hair blows wildly in the wind. You can feel Alex's breath on your back. "MAX!!" he yells over the motor. "WHERE ARE WE GOING??!!". "AWAY FROM HERE!!" you reply. You take exit 25E and stop in an abandoned lot. We camp here for the night. you say once the engine is turned off.
  5. So you sleep under the stars. Alex tries to squirm closer to you but you keep moving farther and farther across the lot.
  6. So it's morning. Alex, you realize, is gone. and so is the bike. "Awwwww crud.." you mumble. You get up and scout the area. nuthin. not even some tracks.
  7. So here are some random questions (cuz i liike to keep the suspense rollin on in) so just complete these questions they DO effect your result!!
  8. So wuts your favorite color?
  9. What is your favorite food??
  10. band/artist?? (just choose from these)
  11. Do you have iPod??
  12. What genre of music do you like??
  13. Favorite song??
  14. Are you confused right now as to why I am asking you all this randomatical fanatical talkitivitle junk??
  15. Bye. Please rate my quiz (the story part) and once again, comment on the story part of it! Look out for part 6 it is comin soon to a computer near you!! =)

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