Twisted Maximum Ride part 4

So, this is part 4. Take it. Love it. Live it. Sorry, I forgot to add a result for Alex!!! Don't worry!! Part 5 will surely have it! Remember, this is Maximum Ride like NEVER before!!

So what result will you get!!!? Will you actaully get one?? Or will you be a pathetic loner!!? Find out!! Take this quiz!! You will NOT regret it!!!! Oh and don't forget to rate and comment!!!

Created by: Alana

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  1. So, ya.. I left off where Ari walks into the room, muscle shirt and skinny jeans (sorry guys, had to make it interesting!!). How do you react??
  2. So, say you stare and blush... Ari looks at oyu and smiles charmingly. Fang gives him an evil glare, and Ig doesn't know what the heck is going on. Hey sighs and says, "Don't drag me into this! I'm not involved!! And I can't even see it!" You laugh quietly to yourself. Fang looks at you. In his eyes, you can tell he is pleading you to leave the room. He doesn't want you to get hurt. Ari has quite the temper. What do you do??
  3. K, so assuming you chose grab Ig and get out while you still have a life: You grab Ig. You sprint towards the door. You hear somebody outside it. You tug him along to the stairwell. You run down, panting frantically. Guys in black suits r right behind you. Who are they??
  4. So they are your group. "Max!" they call out to you. "Where are the targets???" You glance back, your eyes cold, and dark. You whisper through gritted teeth"Get lost guys! I can take care of this myself!" They nod, and disappear. You burst through the emergency exit and find...
  5. So Jeb is there. You use your power. Ya, nobody knew bout this but you. You turn yourself invisible, and Ig too. You use your bending (fire, earth, water, air) to freeze and kill Jeb. You create a tidal wave and ride to an abandoned island. You find this guy standing there. He has bright blue eyes, and blond hair. He is tall, and very muscular. He seems oyur age. He waves to you. How do you react??
  6. So you find out it is your best friend Alex, from when you were at the institute. You were only nine, but you liked eachother, ALOT. (ya.. ur not invisible anymore.) He sees Ig and frowns. He looks at you, pain in his eyes. You remember your promise. To find eachother eventually. To stick together. To only be with eachother. You realize he was the only one you trusted, and you let him down. What do you do??
  7. He nods. "I understand. Life changes, people change. I'll always love you, Max. No matter what." He squeezes you hand, enbracing the feel. The he kisses you, slowly. he pulls away. Gives you one solemn look, and walks off into the darkness. "Who was that?" Ig asks. "Was he your-" "Yes," you interrupt. "he was..." You start to cry. "Alex," you whisper. "Alex, come back.."
  8. You drop Ig off at the apartment. "I'll be back in a few, okay??" You say, trying to force a smile. "K, I'll tell the others." he shuts the door. You walk down the street, silently longing for Alex's hand in yours, a shoulder to cry on. But it's not there. You made the biggest mistake of your life. You pass by a Burger King. Two guys stare at you. You give them the evil eye and walk on. You come to a street corner, an alley. You see a sillouette of somebody down there. You decide to see who it is. You realize, when you are ten feet away from them, that it's Alex. He is staring at the wall, undoubtedly heart broken.
  9. "Hey," you greet Alex gently. he doesn't respond. "About earlier.." you start. He interrupts. "Really, max. It's fine. It's my fault. I put this off too long." he turns to face you. he gets up, and puts his hands on your shoulders, and looks into your eyes. "Look, I love you, Max. I always did. i just don't understand... Look, I'm lost in life right now. I'm completely lost. It's like a maze gone mad." He takes his hands off your shoulders now and looks down at the ground behind him. "I just... I felt something different with you, Max. Like something real. Not all the bells and stuff. Like true love. But we're only 14. I mean, how are we supposed to get on with our lives if we're in this deep??" He pauses. "I hope you understand, Max. We may not be meant to be. Maybe we will. It won't hurt by trying." His blue eyes burn into yours. "I know, it's dangerous, being around, a, a werewolf, but it might work. I mean, youre a bender, and an Eraser. I mean, I've figured out that much. I really care, I do. But I can't bear the sight, of my girlfriend killing some innocent boys. Cmon. Let's finish our talk at my place. I'm breaking the treaty by doing this." he grabs your hand. he munts his motercycle, and you get on behind him, snap the helmet on, and hold on to his back. You speed down the road, all the way to his house. You haven't been there since your 11th birthday.
  10. That's where I leave you. Part 5 is coming soon!!

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