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  • How Well Do You Know My Playlist?
    [published: Dec 9, 2012]

    Many people assume they know everything about anything... They've convinced themselves that…

  • Do You Know Your Secondhand Serenade Lyrics?
    [published: Jul 8, 2012]

    Many people claim to have mastered the art of memorizing their favorite lyrics and…

  • How Well Do You Know Brand New?
    [published: Mar 25, 2012]

    Brand New is an amazing rock/alternative band that I've been listening to since I've been capable…

  • Would You Like To Buy Some Girl Scout Cookies?
    [published: Mar 11, 2012]

    "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?" Oh, don't we all know that saying…

  • The Lana Quizzicle
    [published: Jul 8, 2011]

    I don't know what the hell this mess is. Don't ask. :P Just take. And look out for the trick from the question…

  • Would I Trust You With My Death Note?
    [published: Jun 21, 2011]

    There are lots of people, young and old, who think they have what it takes to acquire a…

  • Do You Know Mello?
    [published: Jun 1, 2011]

    There are many many characters in the Deathnote series, but one standout is definitely Mihael Keehl...…

  • Do You Know Your Lyrics? part 2
    [published: May 31, 2011]

    People claim to know the lyrics to the very latest hit songs... But then when they grab the mic,…

  • Are You Truly Innocent?
    [published: Apr 22, 2011]

    Many people claim they are innocent and kind... The truth is, only a fraction of those people are…

  • Do You Know Your Lyrics?
    [published: Apr 20, 2011]

    It's time to test your knowledge and credibility. (Not really...but....) Rake your memory for lyrics,…

    [published: Jan 26, 2011]

    This started out as a calm quiz about how well you know me... Boy did that change. About four questions in…

  • How Well Do You Really Know Jena Lee?
    [published: Jan 17, 2011]

    Lots of people have'nt heard of Jena Lee, a fantastic French singer. This quiz will test…

  • Are You The Chosen One?
    [published: Nov 24, 2010]

    We have all heard about "The Chosen One." They are one individual who is chosen by the Universe and Gods…

  • Twisted Maximum Ride part 7
    [published: Jul 6, 2010]

    You know and love Maximum Ride, the thrilling story with twisted action and adventure. Now enjoy that…

  • Are You In Love? (boy/girl)
    [published: Mar 22, 2010]

    Many poeple believe they are infact "in love". Many of these people are wrong, and are letting their…

  • Twisted Maximum Ride part 6
    [published: Feb 28, 2010]

    so youhave been waiting a VERY LONG time for part 6 of my Twisted Maximum Ride quizes. well here it…

  • Twisted Maximum Ride part 5
    [published: Jan 1, 2010]

    k, you have waited long enough, am i right?? sp finally part 5 is here. most of you have taken my…

  • Twisted Maximum Ride part 4
    [published: Dec 28, 2009]

    So, this is part 4. Take it. Love it. Live it. Sorry, I forgot to add a result for Alex!!! Don't…

  • Twisted Maximum Ride part 3
    [published: Dec 19, 2009]

    Ok, so its finally here. part 3. not much of a story but here it is. in all its baskiing glory...…

  • Twisted Maximum Ride: The Beginning
    [published: Dec 11, 2009]

    Ok, so youve probably already read or taken rather, Twisted Maximum Ride part 1 and 2. But do…

  • Twisted Maximum Ride part 2
    [published: Dec 10, 2009]

    So just a recap. Ur Max. ur mission (given 2 u by the school) is 2 kill the flock. But u r madly in…

  • Are You A Lucky 8 Ball Victim?
    [published: Dec 9, 2009]

    Lucky 8 Balls are a cause of addiction and really obsurd decisions. People end up overly obsessed…

  • What color werewolf are you?
    [published: Dec 9, 2009]

    Hello friends...there are many different colors of wolves.... all are acceptable. What do these…

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