Twisted Maximum Ride part 6

so youhave been waiting a VERY LONG time for part 6 of my Twisted Maximum Ride quizes. well here it is, in all of its glory!!! see if you can handle it!

Can you handle this tragic chapter of Twisted Maximum Ride? Can you bear to see the ending of this part? (I apologize Fang, Ig, and Ari are not included alot in this one) So what are you waiting for!? step forth into the twisted world of Twisted Maximum Ride!!!

Created by: Alana

  1. ok. so i left off when alex mysteriously wuz gone and so wuz the bike. so how do u react?
  2. u run out to the gate of the lot, climb the barbed wire, and jump out onto a car. you hold on to the roof, but it is going too fast. you lose your footing and fall off the car and land sprawled out on the street. you pass out, with a really bad head wound. you hear a faint voice, vaguely reminding you of alex.
  3. "max! max are you ok?" the voice asks. you dont reply. your eyes flicker open but you are too dazed to talk.the images are a blur. they steady out and you realize that alex has come back.
  4. you finally fully come out of your trance and sit up in the middle of the road. alex tries to help you up but you push his arm away, rejecting his assistance. you get up, and sway back and forth a little until you regain your balance. alex, still frozen in his spot, looks at you, pain showing in his bright blue eyes. he mumbles something under his breath. "what?" you ask. you hear the sudden acceleration of an engine behind you. you rapidly whip your head around. it was a black BMW with armed guards pointing their guns at you. the vehicle gets faster and faster. you cant show alex that you are an eraser. the vehicle speeds toward you, 110 mph. your eyes become large and you cant move your legs.
  5. the engine is speeding down the road. it is within 10 feet of you. you hear growling. you turn to alex, but hes not there. suddenly you see a HUGE wolf leap towards you and throw you to the other side of the road. you lay on the ground gasping for air. the wolf suddenly morphs back into a blond haired human with blue eyes. "alex? you saved my life..." you notice abruptly that alex's eyes are closed and he is bleeding alot.
  6. "omfg!!" you shout. "alex!!!" you find your backpack and take out a spare shirt. you rip it into shreds and wrap it around his wound, tying it extra tight. alex is still unconscious. you notice the car is still revving its engine at you, turning around and heading towards you and alex. you panic, for you dont know something vital about yourself.
  7. the car does a donut and swivels toward you. you close your eyes and suddenly think of a black BMW exploding. you WISH that it would just explode. you close your eyes tightly, preparing for death, when you hear a sudden BANG BOOM!!!
  8. you open your eyes slowly and slowly release your tight grip from alex. you see the BMW on fire, soot everywhere. "oh my gosh. i can control things with my mind???!!!" yes, max. you can. says a voice inside your head. ugh... you think. who are you? that must stay a mystery for now. it says. wait... alex?? no. it says. i am alex's spirit. alex is gone. im sorry max, i never meant to hurt you. you think why alex, why? i loved you! max. i, i... i cant explain. not now. alex's spirit says. alex dont leave me. you think. max i cant leave you. maybe my body has but... the voice fades. alex! you think AND shout. dont leave me....
  9. max... the voice says faintly. max im sorry... then it fades entirely. you collapse on the ground, crying hysterically.
  10. you crawl over to alex's body and kiss his lifeless lips. its all my fault, you think. no, max. it isnt. the voice fades back in. its my fault for thinking we could have another chance. but i love you. dont forget it.
  11. you feel his spirit leave. you hold onto alex's lifeless hand. you crie. you notice his body slowly disolving away into a light in the try to keep holding on. you kiss him once more, and then he dissappears. and thats where i leave you.

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