Twisted Maximum Ride part 3

Ok, so its finally here. part 3. not much of a story but here it is. in all its baskiing glory... part 3. its definitely twisted. and u will get a maximum ride on this. ya. the story maximum ride is like youve never seen it b4.

so ya. take the quiz. make sure you pay attention to the questions. and that you dont end up putting bananas on ur waffles or making santa eat a trash can. if you do you are a cruel cruel person. so find out ur fate. find out ur destiny. find out who will make your life a maximum ride!

Created by: Alana
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  1. Ok. you wake up in this apartment, from earlier. (if ur taking this quiz without doing the first 2 ur in trouble.) you hear voices comin from the so called "living room". you put on a tank top and sweats. you walk in, real drowsy.
  2. you hear their conversation. fang: hey ig, u wanna know how to get girls?? ig: how? fang: pretend u dont like em. ig: thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard. fang: fine then, i'll prove it! ig: oh, u dont have to. i BELIEVE that ur stupid.
  3. so u walk in. u: hey guys, wuts up? you yawn. fang: well nothing till now... he stares at you. specifically at ur tank top...
  4. ig glares at him. ig: GRRRR... he growls under his breath. ari walks in. hes wearing a muscle shirt and skinny jeans.
  5. ok a buncha random questions cuz i ran outta ideas. (told ya addie. im kinda dumb today!)
  6. ok. randomness does effect ur score. it determines who ur most like. also theres some trivia so try to remember wut happened in the other two twisted maximum ride quizes. first question: favorite color?
  7. ok. justin bieber just fell off a cliff. wut do u do??
  8. ok. michael jackson shows up at ur house. what do u do?
  9. wuts ur favorite store?
  10. smokey bear (the wildfire dude) shows up at ur school. wut do you do?
  11. were you random enough to pass this quiz alive and in one piece?

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