Which Max-Ride character are you?

what maximum ride character are you? take my quiz to find out!okay r u ready to find out which thrilling exciting adreniline pumping character you are. if so starta clicking awnsers bubba/ bubbish. maximum ride is an awesome book and series so i truly honestly hope you will read them are already have. if you agree dont you want to take my quiz and see?

do u love maximum ride and her flock? WELL WHATTA WAITING $ TAKE THE QUIZ!huh? Are you the amazing beautfull and super strong Max? the leader of the flock? or Fang i love you fang! fang, the silent mysterious swwetheart who looks different. or Angel? or Nudge? or Gazzy? or iggy? who are you really!?

Created by: danielle
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your fave color?
  2. can you cook?
  3. Do you like music?
  4. ok i had to ask, who is cutest?
  5. are you annoyed easily?
  6. what is better?
  7. ummm. fave saying?
  8. lAST QUESTION!!! if you could stay anywhere where would it be??
  9. i lied one more micigan adventures or ceader point (this doesn't effect nothing)
  10. okay i lied again last one i swear! who is more evil?

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Quiz topic: Which Max-Ride character am I?