Twisted Maximum Ride: The Beginning

Ok, so youve probably already read or taken rather, Twisted Maximum Ride part 1 and 2. But do you know how it all started?!!! do you know what got you to where you are now? do you know WHY you are on this mission?

of course oyu dont. thats why i created this quiz called Twisted Maximum Ride: The Beginning!It will tell you all you need to know to fully understand WHY you are on this mission and what LED YOU UP to where you are now. Your results are only a few clicks away...

Created by: Alana

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  1. You are walking around the white hallways of The School, a science institute that does DNA experiments. Your master walks out of the lab, and sees you. "Max, he says. Great news! Our avian-human experiments are going swell."
  2. You are invited inside. In cages, you see 5 kids. 3 teenage boys, and 2 little kids. You notice the wings on their backs. You remember what you would do for wings. Anything. Your gaze meets with one of the boys. Who's was it?
  3. He smiles at you. You smile back. Your master gives you a evil glare. as to say, "what are you doing, max?!"
  4. You inch towards their cages once you master (who you call Jeb) leaves. "hi." you whisper. "hi" all of them whisper back. "look-- i was thinking that maybe if you wanted--" the little girl interrupts,"to get out. you would do that for us?"
  5. "you would. but u cant. ur master. he would --- kill you." the girl said (Angel is her name)
  6. yes. you mutter. you inch toward their cages and open them with the key you have. "go! quickly!" "i'll meet up with you later!"
  7. they nod and hurry out the window. Fang gives you "The look of affection" before jumping out the window. Iggy smiles towards nobody and Ari gives Fang a glare. you lean out the window and see 5 figures flying off into the horizon. just then Jeb walks in.
  8. so he asks you, "whered the experiments -" he sees the open cages. "Max.... did you-" you open your mouth but nothing comes out. you shake your head no.
  9. he says,"dont lie to me, Max. you know what i can do to you. either way..." you interupt him. "no! i didnt do it! i was in...." you pause, thinking. "the bathroom! yes i went to the bathroom. when i came back they were gone. i saw them flying away. i saw them go east." you lie. (they really went west). "yes i believe you. i have a mission for you."
  10. "your mission," he continues,"is to track these subjects. you and the elite erasers will work as a team to find and destroy these beings. we cant have ANYONE outside this building knowing about what goes on inside our walls. do you understand?"
  11. alright. so you set off with your elite team of erasers. you are tracking the flock. and this is where i leave you.
  12. u can continue the story in Twisted Maximum Ride and Twisted Maximum Ride part 2. r u gonna rate and comment to the highest degree?!
  13. one last easy question. who do u love?!
  14. THE END.

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