How Much Do You Know about english riding??

Some people Ride English Some People ride western but no matter what saddle you ride in come try this quiz see what you get see what your friends can get and reamber it is just for fun you may not know all of the answers but you may so go try it!!!!!!!!

DO YOU RIDE HORSES??? DO YOU RIDE ENGLISH???? well then this is the quiz for you it is a all out english quiz for the horse rider you dont have to ride english to do even if you ride a mule you can do this so try!!!!!!!

Created by: Katie
  1. In Hunters what is it judged on
  2. What is Jumpers all about
  3. What is Equitation judged on
  4. In Equitation what is NOT aloud on the horse
  5. In Cross Country What is you main goal
  6. In Dressage What Are you Looking for as a judge
  7. In pony Hunters What is the Biggest show of the year
  8. THe Ushja International Hunter Derby was Created my_______ in the year_______
  9. In Hunters They Judge on
  10. To be a Pony hunter your pony must be under

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know about english riding??