Do You Know Mello?

There are many many characters in the Deathnote series, but one standout is definitely Mihael Keehl... commonly known as Mello. Many people claim they know a lot about this interesting character.

Do YOU know your Mello? (There will be more specific quizzes as they progress... This one is just the 1st one.) Find out by taking this quiz. Proceed, your result is only a few clicks away!

Created by: Alana

  1. Have you read Deathnote?
  2. What is Mello's real name?
  3. Where was Mello raised?
  4. Where is Wammy's House located?
  5. Why was Mello accepted into this orphanage for gifted children?
  6. Why does Mello want to capture Kira?
  7. What is one of Mello's only passions?
  8. How old was Mello when he left Wammy's House?
  9. Why did Mello join the Mafia?
  10. Of the choices below, what commands Mello's actions the most?
  11. When L's death was announced to Mello, how did he react?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Mello?