Twisted Maximum Ride part 2

So just a recap. Ur Max. ur mission (given 2 u by the school) is 2 kill the flock. But u r madly in love with Fang, Iggy, and Ari. Who will it be? Now, u know James Patterson's version, but do you know MINE?!

Not until now! Take this quiz and find out who u luv! fang, Iggy or Ari? Answer truthfully and give it all u got! Oh and dont forget 2 rate and comment! give me a 10 plz! it took me long time to make the story perfect! (except for spelling and punctuation and typos) so r u ready?! take it NOW!!! =) trust me, u WILL NOT regret it!!!)

Created by: Alana

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  1. So just a recap. Ur name is Maximum Ride. U were sent out to kill the flock. The last time u saw them was when that big flash of white happened and then they were gone.
  2. You run to the window. You catch one last glimpse of the flock. They are in the horizon, and they are far off.
  3. You run up the stairs to the roof of the building. You unfurl your eraser wings (theyre foolish and small) and flky after them. Your muscles in your back (the ones that control ur wings) start to ache and burn. You feel pain. You realize that your team is behind you, chucking rocks at you. You turn around and give them the evil eye. What do you say?
  4. You decide to use the concrete idea. It works.
  5. You arrive where you saw the flock disappear. Theyre gone. You search the rooftops. You finally find them huddled in an ally. You see two rotweiler dogs growling at them. OMG!!!! Jeb is there, comanding the dogs! wat do u do?
  6. Fang sees you. His eyes twinkle in pure mischeif. He tells the little girl something. You hear a boice in ur mind. It says: Fang wants u to do sumthing. plz. for us. all u gotta do is distract that guy over there long enough for us to beat it." you think: no-- i cant. u- dont -- understand. i- i know him and-" you freeze in terror as Jeb notices you. "Max," he says. "What a lovely surprise! Maybe u can help me, now that youre here." Now that Fang hears this he glares at you. Betrayal, you think, hurts. Iggy looks in pain, and Ari bares his teeth.
  7. "no." you say., giving Jeb the most determined harsh glare u can. "well, you know the consequences..." he says taking out a tazor and gun. "i'll just have to face them.' you say, bracing yourself for the most painful death you can imagine. The flock looks at you, both gratefully and painfully. Your heart is throbbing. i cant live -- i mean uh... well "live" without ___ (fill in the name.)
  8. You brace yourself for the worst. Then, you see something unexpected. Jeb puts his tazor and gun away, like he was hynotized. then he signals to the dogs to leave, and he walks off, with the queerest expression on his face.
  9. You look over at the flock. They emerge from the back wall of the alley. Angel smiled. Fang talked. "You know, we owe it to u, since u saved our sorry butts earlier..." he trailed off lost in ur eyes. Ig took the spotlight. "I'm sorry we ditched you. It's just. I haven't met a girl like you since well -- ever. And even though I can't see you, i know ur beautiful." Ari finishes off," Ya, we're all thankful. i mean, u coulda killed us right then, but u didnt. That takes a lot of nerve, and confidence. i like girls with nerve." he added with a sheepish smile. you say:
  10. You fly back to the apartment with the flock. They have accepted u as a member. You snuggle in _____'s arms.
  11. And that is where i leave you. Who do u love?!
  12. U gonna rate and comment?!

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