Twisted Maximum Ride part 7

You know and love Maximum Ride, the thrilling story with twisted action and adventure. Now enjoy that story -- the twisted version, with added romance and suspense.

Do YOU have what it takes to make your way through this thrilling romantic adventure? Can YOU stand the tension in emotions and losses? Stand up to the challenge and take this quiz!

Created by: Alana

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  1. You slowly get up, tears pouring down your face. Your shoulders slowly rise and fall. He's gone...and you didn't even get to say goodbye...
  2. You slowly walk across the road, wiping your eyes with your fists. Your eyeliner is a mess, and your mascara is running down your face. You hear footsteps following you. You turn around and see...
  3. A tall guy is walking toward you. He has chains on his black skinny jeans. He has a black muscle shirt on, and his hair is black, and covers his right eye. There's a red streak on the edge...
  4. His eyes are a deep bronze complection. He walks up to you, and checks you out. You blush. you turn to run away but he grabs your hand. "Not so fast." he says, in a cool, almost expressionless voice. It sends chills up your spine. he lugs you along and into a house. "Ummm" is all you can say. he brings you into a room and shuts the door. "Do as I say" he says staring at you, "Or the birdkid gets it." "FANG!!!" you yell. You flip over the dude, untie fang, and tell him to run. Fang steps up on the windowsill,unfurls his wings, and flies away at record speed. "You little..." the strange guy mutters. You ball up your fist and sock him in the nose. Then you kick him in the nuts. To finish him off you throw him against the mirror, which shatters upon contact. You step up on the windowsill, only to find that the guy looks familiar...
  5. You glance behind you to make sure he is unconsious and leap down to the pavement 3 stories below and land on your feet with a thud. You sprint to Alex's house only a couple blocks away. You are about to ring the bell when you remember he is gone. You ring it anyway, but to no avail.
  6. You turn the front door knob to find it's open. You walk cautiously in, closing the door softly behind you. You walk through the hallway to the kitchen to find a note tacked to the wall.
  7. The note says: Dear Max, I am not dead. You saw me die. But the truth is I can't. I knew you would come here, so have a look around. Once you reach the last room of the house there will be a surprise. Love, Alex
  8. You wander the house, in and out of rooms on the first floor, now making your way up to the second floor, down the hallway, and stop in front of the last closed door. You take a breath, turn the doorknob and open the door...
  9. Before you can blink you get hugged tightly by a tall, muscular figure. "Miss me?" a voice like Alex's asks. You pull away, and see Alex, right there, in flesh and blood.
  10. "How..." you stare, your mouth gaping open. "You thought..." he slowly stood up and walked over to hug you. "No, I was never gone, Max. And I never will be. I promise." He pulled you into a long, passionate kiss. "I love you too much." he says in between kisses. Who do you like?

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