Are you a Maximum Ride fan?

I created this quiz because nobody else makes Are you a Maximum Ride fan quizzes. I've been looking and looking for some but there are only about three that I've found. That makes me sad.

Have you ever wondered if you were a Maximum RIde fan? Well, probably not, but I'm trying to be dramatic. If you have (like me) then now is you chance! Take this quiz and see!

Created by: MooMoo

  1. Okay let's start out easy. What does Max like to wear?
  2. How often does Fang blog?
  3. What is the name of the sixth book?
  4. Where was the Flock's first hideout?
  5. What is Max's favorite food?
  6. What are Nudge's powers?
  7. Who is Total?
  8. Where does the Flock meet the Director?
  9. Who is Max's mom?
  10. Okay, final question. Who killed Ari? (the first time)

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Quiz topic: Am I a Maximum Ride fan?