How Well Do You Know Maximum Ride?

Maximum Ride is a great series by James Patterson. It's all about Max and her Flock of genetically engineered bird kids. It is a fantastic read and I love the series. Pick up the first book if you have the chance!

How well to you know the Maximum Ride series? Are you a true fan who knows every fact and detail? Not sure? Take this quick 30-question quiz and find out!

Created by: MoRo!
  1. Who helped Max and the Flock escape from The School?
  2. How old was Max when she escaped from The School?
  3. Which two members of the Flock are related by blood?
  4. In School's Out-Forever, who is the girl that Fang kisses?
  5. Which of the Flock finds their possibly real parents in School's Out-Forever?
  6. Which Flock member has a blog?
  7. In which book do Max and the others find out that Total can talk?
  8. What is the name of the dog that Total falls in love with?
  9. In The Angel Experiment what do the scientists call Angel?
  10. How did Fang know that the clone of Max wasn't the real Max?
  11. What did Fang get Max for her birthday present in book 6 (FANG)?
  12. Who is Max's "perfect other half" according to Dr. Gunther-Hagen?
  13. What does CSM stand for?
  14. What is the name of Ella's dog?
  15. How many flock members was there in the first book?
  16. What are Erasers?
  17. Who does Max find out are her real parents?
  18. What is the title of the third Maximum Ride book?
  19. Why does Fang leave at the end of FANG?
  20. Which character is NOT a mutant?
  21. What is the name of the African girl that first uses Dr. G-H's magic spit in front of Max?
  22. Which bird kid takes over the flock when Max is kicked out in FANG?
  23. In FANG, what does Iggy say that he learned about himself at the museum?
  24. Which character says, "Their protection never lasts. It turns into something else. Like a trap, or a nightmare, or an experiment. Did I remember to order extra pineapple?"
  25. In which book to Max and Fang officially get together?
  26. How old was Iggy when he was blinded?
  27. Which flock member stays behind to go to school in MAX?
  28. In Schools Out-Forever, what book is Angel's teacher reading to the class?
  29. Where does the flock go to help refugees in Africa?
  30. What is the name of the next (the 7th) Maximum Ride book going to be?

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