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This started out as a calm quiz about how well you know me... Boy did that change. About four questions in it starts getting very spastic. Sorry.. my bad for being who I am.

So now I wish I could change the title to something more like.. "SPASTIC QUIZ: the random and weird irrelevant question quiz!" but have fun anyway :P ha

Created by: Alana

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  1. What is my name? (haha, easy one)
  2. Who am I?
  3. Am I smart?
  4. Am I enjoying typing properly on this quiz?
  5. My signature pic here on GTQ that everyone recognized me for a while back is an eye... What color was it?
  6. Is it true that I told Amy that you can indeed draw 'evil ninja powers' and I showed her?
  7. Do I freak out when one of my friends tries to eat *ehem* cruely anialate a kiwi?
  8. Am I a spazz?
  9. When you're in my presence, do I kill 99.9999999999% of your sadness?

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Quiz topic: Do I KNOW MOI!? :P